Let’s Get Organized With The @Tidy_Living Twitter Party Jan 26th #US & #Canada

It's January, the perfect time to get organized. Out with the old and in with the new. Time to declutter! The year 2017 is here and you need to find room for all the fabulous items you bought and received during the holidays. For most of us, that can be a challenge. We're already short on space. … [Read more...]

Here’s A Resolution You Can Keep @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

As we head towards the middle of January, many people are beginning to struggle with their New Years resolution. Let's face it, we often overreach and then give up. The trick is, find a resolution you can keep. For instance, this year I'm going to do some more organizing. I have no deadline, only … [Read more...]

Chili Stuffed Sweet Potato #Healthy #Recipe

The sweet potato is an extremely versatile vegetable. Growing up, the only time I saw one, was in a stew. When we had potatoes, which was pretty much every day, they were reds or russet. Mom served them mashed with gravy. Up until a couple of years ago, I followed in my mothers footsteps. It's what … [Read more...]

Simple Lentil Soup #healthy #recipe

If you're like me, you over indulged during the holidays. That's okay though, enjoying delicious foods with friends and family, is wonderful! However, once the celebrating is done, I'm ready for some great, healthy dishes. Something that's really good for you, but I seldom hear about, is the … [Read more...]

Be Healthy! Start Your New Year With @GenuineHealth #Review #Giveaway

Looks like it's January again. That crazy time of year when people make resolutions. It's not that I'm against them, or anything, it's just that usually the goals are unachievable. When you put too much pressure on yourself, you set yourself up for failure. Instead of making a resolution to lose … [Read more...]

The Year 2017 Has Begun – What Are You Planning?

The year 2017 began by sleeping in until 11:30. It also started off with a runny nose and fits of sneezing . Allergies perhaps? Possibly, I did sleep with the window open as hot flashes are a part of my life at the moment . Who knows what's floating around out there! Of course, it could also be news … [Read more...]

You CAN Party On New Years With Help From @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Having children can put a damper on New Years Eve. They want to stay up, and you want to let your hair down. Not to mention, the morning after. No need to tell me, I've been there. However, I didn't have Netflix coming to my rescue. https://youtu.be/Cq-OnVBw_k0 That's right, this year, Netflix … [Read more...]

Neebo – The Smart Baby Monitor From @daatrics

There is something new in baby monitors, called Neebo. It's a smart monitor your baby wears and it's helping parents give their babies the best care possible. This mini device is going to bring comfort and knowledge to parents in many, many countries. Neebo, is healthcare in a bracelet, with medical … [Read more...]

Lemon Cookies – A Cake Mix Hack #Recipe

Once again, my oldest daughter was baking up a storm. This time, she made lemon cookies using a cake mix. I love cake mix hacks. It makes whipping up a batch of cookies quick and simple. No fuss, and pretty much fool proof. Since the flu made the rounds through our family this year, it cut back … [Read more...]

Starbelly Unveils A New Direction #yyc #restaurant #Giveaway

Back in November, I visited a new restaurant, Starbelly. Well, new to me, at least. It's not too far from home actually. A quick, 20 minute drive to Seton. Now, I've been to Seton many times, but didn't even realize that Starbelly was simply waiting for me. I have to admit, I tend to stick with … [Read more...]

Christmas Holidays For Your Kids @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam #I’mBored #recipe

Don't you just love when it's time for your children to finish school for the Christmas Holidays? I know I always did. For about 3 days! There was so much excitement leading up to Chrismas Eve and finally, Christmas Day! My children were thrilled to be off school, hanging out and eating … [Read more...]

Comfort Food – Ghoulash #Recipe

This season is so hectic, as you know. That's why I keep some handy, quick meals, in my back pocket. Comfort food that can be whipped up when needed. Dishes that don't require any extra shopping. Nine times out of ten, you already have the ingredients. Today, I'm sharing my ghoulish. It's … [Read more...]