Your Dishwasher Needs Cleaning! Finish Your Dishes #ContestAnnouncement #EasyCleanwithFINISH

This post is brought to you by Finish® and JONES VOICE Your Dishwasher Needs Cleaning! Finish® Your Dishes #ContestAnnouncement For the longest time, I never took the time to clean my dishwasher. Why would I? My dishes and my dishwasher come clean every time I use it. Well, if only that were … [Read more...]

Coffee That’s Better, Not Bitter @secondcup

Back in May of this year, I was invited to step into the future of cafes. A new concept for an old idea. More recently, I was invited back to talk more about the coffee, which is obviously an important part of any Cafe. I spoke with Chris Sonnen, a sommelier of coffee, if you will. Someone who … [Read more...]

Dessert/Cookie Roundup – Five Of Your Favourites #recipes

Dessert is not served that often in my home, but you can usually find a cookie or a treat of some sort if you want one. Mainly, I serve dessert on special occasions and then I make something fancy. However, I know that when you have kids, dessert is often on the menu. At least it was when my kids … [Read more...]

Food Waste – Read This Before You Toss

Food waste has become quite an issue over the last few years. We all do it, but how much is waste and how much is not knowing? Many times I have questioned whether or not a product is still good to eat.  If you take a look, most products have a best before date or an expiration date. Sometimes, it's … [Read more...]

Omega-3 Your Health Depends On It @webbernaturals #Giveaway

Getting enough nutrients in a day can be tough. Especially when it comes to Omega-3, commonly known as fish oil. It's just simply nasty. You can take capsules but not everyone is good at swallowing them. However, the benefits of Omega-3 are too many to ignore. For myself, a person with high blood … [Read more...]

Outdoor Play – An Essential Part Of Growing Up #YMCACalgary #YMCAChildCare

Life today revolves around technology. Even our children are exposed to gadgets before they get to enjoy outdoor play. It's understandable in a way. We want to give our children the best start in life and that seems to focus on our ever changing world of online living. However, in my opinion, … [Read more...]

Stew – A Satisfying Comfort Food #recipe

Growing up in Winnipeg, a number of years ago, stew was a regular item on the menu. Buying stewing beef was cheap. You just added in some root vegetables and voila, dinner is served. Problem was, I didn't like it. My mom always used turnip and parsnips which wasn't appealing to me at the … [Read more...]

The Wonderful World Of The Aquarium Hobby

Note: I received a wonderful box of aquarium supplies from Big Al's and gave it to my daughter Nicole. She has a number of aquariums and enjoys the peace of working with them. As a showing of appreciation, she wrote the following post. ****** Danio's, Bumblebee Goby and a Blue Ram Swimming … [Read more...]

An Orange Is An Orange, Right? Not So Fast

There is something magical about an orange. Laugh at me if you will, but oranges are an extremely popular fruit. They're juicy and sweet and make children smile as they tear into one with juice running all over their hands and chin. I used to think an orange was an orange. Well, except for … [Read more...]

Main Dishes Most Searched On My Site #recipes

Since winter is coming, I thought I'd share with you some of my main dishes featured on my blog. These are the top five but there's many more to choose from. In no particular order they are: Pasta Fagioli - An Italian dish that known as the poor mans meal. Easy to make and certainly … [Read more...]

My Favourite Job As A Teenager Was KFC

Back in the seventies, when I was sixteen, I took what was considered a part-time job, at KFC. Actually, on today's terms, it may of been considered full-time as I worked 5 days a week. The hours were 32 per week, and I loved it! KFC was my first real job, but second actual job. The first one … [Read more...]

Bored Children? Here’s A Few Ideas

I'm bored! Wow, the number of times I heard that when my kids were growing up. As parents, you don't always have the time to entertain yourself, let alone your children. Besides, one of our jobs is to teach them a little independence. It's also good for kids to be bored occasionally. However, … [Read more...]