Canada Day Once A Year? Why Not All Month/All Year? #streamteam @Netflix_CA

We often hear about our neighbours down south and pride they have in their country. I believe Canadians have just as much pride, they just don't show it as often. Canada Day is the one time all year that Canadians get out, enjoy Canada and the Canada Day celebrations. We focus on music, food, … [Read more...]

Wookiee What I Got! #Recipe #streamteam #StarWars @Netflix_CA

Ok, alright! I know that may of been a bit of a cheesy title but I couldn't resist. It was right in front of me. Anyhow, if you're a star wars fan or if you're looking for a great activity for your kids, you have to check out these wookiee cookies! Don't they look awesome! I think I'm going … [Read more...]

Star Wars Fans: The Force Awakens July 15th On @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Star Wars came out when I was, ahem.... let's just say, a little younger! Not only was it a huge hit, it was the film! It's lasted through generations and continues to grow. If you're a fan, and who isn't, you have that adventure in your soul! You can close your eyes and hear R2 D2! You can picture … [Read more...]

Meatloaf Was Painful – Save Your Money

Have you ever experienced something so painful that you just needed it to be over? I did, this past long weekend and it was sad. Very, very sad. Let me say, I love Meatloaf. I love the music. I grew up relating to the songs as many of us do. However, you can't go back. This was never so obvious … [Read more...]

Listen Up! @Caseco_Inc Is Music To My Ears #Review #Giveaway

  There's nothing better than lying on your deck with your eyes closed, listening to music and soaking up some rays. That is, unless you're on a beach doing the same thing! Music is universal and enjoyed by the masses. It can motivate you during your workout or soothe you after an … [Read more...]

Flex Appeal 2.0 From @Skechers_Canada #Review #Giveaway #Canada

Ten days ago, I began the 21 day fix. It's an exercise and nutritional program. I'm not doing the nutritional part, just the exercise. It is hard! No joke. I tried bare feet, socks and ballerina type slippers. Bare feet is ok, don't do the socks or slippers routine. What was I thinking? Who knows. … [Read more...]

A Lightened Version Of Sesame Chicken #Recipe

Last week, I was going through my freezer and taking inventory. It's that time of year when I want to spend less time cooking and more time outdoors. I prep for this by making extra meals and freezing them. While organizing, I noticed that I still have quite a few chicken breasts in the freezer. I … [Read more...]

Scleroderma – Are You Aware Of This Disease? #HardWord #IC #Ad

“This post was sponsored by Scleroderma as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.” This month, June, is Scleroderma awareness month. I imagine many of you have no idea what that is. That's because it's very rare. I can say that, if not for my husbands Aunt J, I'd have no idea … [Read more...]

I’m Breaking Up With My LandLine – The End Of An Era

Back in 1989, Larry and I made the scary decision of leaving the city we grew up in and moving our young family west. It was both heart breaking and exciting at the same time. We weren't sure what was in our future but we knew it was the best thing we could do for our family. After a few moves, … [Read more...]

I Need $500,000 For Retirement

  Some of you, most of you, opened this page out of curiosity. Am I really discussing my finances? In a way, yes! I recently sat down and asked myself, exactly what do you want for the next 30 years? I say 30 years because my mom lived to be 88 and I'm 54, so there's a good chance I … [Read more...]

Voltron! It’s What’s New On @Netflix_Canada #StreamTeam

Your kids are counting down the days to that final bell which says "summer is here"! Time for you to start planning as well. Why not begin with a brand new show from Netflix Canada? A new Netflix Original for your children. It's called Voltron: Legendary Defender, an action packed, animated … [Read more...]

Shrek Is Back With A Fantastic Anniversary Edition #Giveaway #CAN/US

Is there anyone out there that doesn't know Shrek? That wonderful, lovable, green ogre and his hilarious donkey! This isn't a movie just for kids, it's one for the entire family! On Tuesday, June 7th, the blue-ray and DVD, Shrek Anniversary Edition was released. This is a brilliant addition to … [Read more...]