Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse – Thanks Jamie Oliver #recipe

There’s something decadent about a spoonful of creamy, chocolate mousse. It’s a lot richer than pudding, and perfect for dessert. Whether it’s a fancy dinner party, or just you and the family, creating the perfect chocolate mousse will complete any meal. Personally, I’ve never made a mousse from … [Read more...]

Seven Things You Must Do When Visiting the Bahamas

Picture this. Long beaches of pristine white sand and azure blue waters all around you, your tresses softly caressing your face, all thanks to a smooth Caribbean breeze while you are casually taking a sunbath and sipping from a rejuvenating yet heady cocktail. Sounds luring enough? Where can you get … [Read more...]

Blond Troubles- DIY Going Blond Tutorial

Going Blond *Important note: ALWAYS follow the instructions on the box dyes and products! This is important to avoid hair damage and in some cases hair loss! As well as allergic reactions!* Have you ever really wanted to go blond but you don't want to spend all that time and money at a … [Read more...]

Stampede Time Again – 2018 – Another Year Gone

As usual, July in Calgary means it’s Stampede time. The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. That statement couldn’t be more true. At stampede time, the entire city pulls out their jeans, cowboy hats, puts on the country music and mixes up some free pancakes. That’s right, free pancake breakfasts … [Read more...]

Bee Puddle Station- DIY

Bee Puddle Station I had a spot in my garden where nothing would grow because my dog decided no matter what this is where he was going to do his business. Sigh. I began looking around Pintrest for something I could put there. That is when I found the bee pond. Not only is this a great project to … [Read more...]

Fairy Gardens on a Budget that you and your Family will Love

Creating Fairy Gardens on a Budget Have you seen these super cute fairy gardens around!? I'll admit that they are a bit of a new concept for me. I discovered them a few years ago while down a rabbit hole (AKA: Pinterest). There are some that are extremely elaborate and entirely made from … [Read more...]

Pet Safe Gardening

Pet Safe Gardening We all know that some pets just love to munch on plants but I was surprised to learn many of the plants in my garden were potentially harmful or very harmful to my fur babies. This is more of a concern with my cat (above), and a dog we frequently dog sit, and less so with … [Read more...]

Sorry US Friends But I’m Shopping Canadian

Supporting Canadian I’ve had the opportunity to visit many places in the US during my life. My travel bug began in grade 11 on a school trip. We took a  bus from Winnipeg to New Mexico, with a stay over in Texas. For our honeymoon, Larry and I visited Florida. We’ve driven to North Dakota, … [Read more...]

Choosing Right Plants For Your Garden

Choosing right plants for your Garden Do you find yourself looking at your neighbours garden and wondering why their's is awesome and vibrant? There was a time when I sure did. So, I've put together this list of things to keep in mind when choosing plants for your garden. Let's get right to … [Read more...]

Summer Eats: Pineapple, Learn More And Start Grilling

My oldest daughter, and contributor to this blog, has an allergy to raw pineapple. In fact, it was a number of years before she realized it was only raw. Cooked pineapple is fine. Now, I thought if you were allergic to something, you were allergic to it period! However, in the case of raw fruits and … [Read more...]

Summer Eats – Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling

There are some dishes and flavours that simply scream summer for me. One of those is strawberry rhubarb. Growing up, it was my favourite pie that mom used to make. We’d eat it with a nice, warm, creamy custard. Our family was not huge on ice cream. However, that could be a British thing. Anyway, … [Read more...]

Summer Eats – Broccoli Pecan Salad

Broccoli Pecan Salad If you’re anything like I am, you enjoy a fresh, crisp salad during the summer months. Of course, I eat salad year round, but tend to eat more often when it’s warm outside. Funnily, growing up, salads were simply lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Nothing like this broccoli pecan … [Read more...]