Pambra’s The Original Bra Liner: A Review

Recently, I heard of a product called Pambra’s. A company that makes bra and tummy liners. They offered me the opportunity to review the bra liners and I was thrilled!

You’re probably wondering what they are and what makes them so special.

First let me tell you that I love to wear different types of bras. I like different colors and I like different textures. The problem is, they don’t always like me. Some materials are scratchy but beautiful and others stain easily with excessive sweating.

Pambra’s takes care of both of these issues. When you have a bra that is fitted properly, pambra slips underneath the bottom of the bra and stops chafing and contains perspiration. They are thin, comfortable and they don’t use any pins or tapes. They are made to stay in place under your bra. Best of all, they are washable.

When I first received them I was a little dubious. However, I began wearing them the next day and actually forgot it was there! It’s extremely comfortable. I even wore one underneath a strapless shirt with a built in bra. It was not noticeable and I had no issues with it moving around. Once you find the right placement for you, you’ll want to have a number of these in your vanity drawer!

If you go to their website you can see some of the other products they provide as well such as pambra’s for breast cancer survivors.

They are listed on FB and you can follow Pambra’s on twitter as well.