Minimize Monday – Week Of May 28th, 2012

Wow, my basement is coming along nicely. Who would of thought that a mere five months ago, I groaned at the thought of having to tackle it. However, the simple process of one item a week has been amazing. I can’t wait to show you the final outcome.

Right now though, I’m still working on it but so close to the end. This week, I got rid of an old vacuum cleaner. It should never of come to the new house with us at all. I bought it a number of years ago for about $40 and used it for cleaning up the crawl space, my wood shavings and vehicles. Now all it does it kind of blow everything around.

Out it goes. One more unnecessary item removed from my home.


  1. I wish I’d done as much in 5 months! I moved all my ‘stuff’ in to the room I took as an office when I put the boys together in a room. Got their stuff thinned out pretty good, but mine. Yeah… not so much. I do have to follow your plan and do a little each week until I have it just right. Mostly it’s unfinished projects. a few of which I’d promised to others. Hmm maybe one a week and then they are out of the room and my house! I think I feel a blog post coming on – thanks for inspiring me!!!
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