Summer Olympics 2012 – Opening Ceremonies: A ReCap

Just in case you missed the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics 2012, I decided to put together a great slideshow with pictures of some of the highlights of this beautiful opening. You’ll also find a great video with the Canadians proudly entering the stadium.

First the slide show. The ceremonies had a number of celebrity figures involved such as Muhamed Ali, the Queen in a Cameo perfomance with “James Bond”, Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Bean, Sir Paul McCartney and more. Enjoy!

I spent hours uploading video with the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. However, apparently it’s copyrighted and I’m not allowed to show it, even though I taped it off my t.v. Something like noone being able to see the Cauldron because it’s inside the stadium instead of outside where it can be seen by everyone.

Never mind! The slideshow is a beautiful representation of the opening ceremony and the proudest moment has been allowed by the Olympic Gods. Meaning the entrance of the Canadians.

Did you watch the ceremonies? or are you a bored spectator waiting anxiously for the days to pass so your regular shows will reappear?

I’d like to hear your comments and your views for all things Olympic.


  1. Taped the open ceremonies – busy with an 8 year old on summer vacation. Have yet to watch ceremony. But Evan and I have watched the swimming and gymnastics. Good examples of what you can achieve with determination, perserverance and training. Now if I could only apply that to his guitar lessons lol.