Vintage Ads – I Am So Hooked August 8, 2012

Vintage ads are a personal favourite of mine. They explore the past and show us how far/or not we’ve come in the world of marketing.

 Somehow, this just doesn’t work the same way as the Peanut Man

Picture Found Here

Some of these vintage ads are sexist and even outrageous but all of them show just how far our world has come. Our attitudes and technology have changed. I often shake my head when I come across these ads and wonder “what were they thinking”. I truly hope that 50 years from now we can see further development. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am.

If you missed last weeks ad, you can find it here


  1. I love vintage ads 🙂
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  2. Andrea B. says:

    I look forward to these every week. I love nostalgia.

  3. Wow! When I see something like this I picture a bunch of men with cigars patting themselves on the back at how great of a job they did coming up with the idea, lol.

  4. Jennifer Clay says:

    I like looking at vintage ads too…I like looking at anything vintage.

  5. Ok I looked at that vintage ad website….they have one that is for Lysol for your umm er lady parts? Whaaaa?? LOL