Palmers Skin Therapy Oil: A Review and Giveaway

Palmers is a name I recognize for body lotions and creams. When a package was sent to me containing Palmers skin therapy oil, I must say that I was skeptical.  Why? The box had a lot of claims on it that left me wondering.


Here’s what it claims

Helps to improve the appearance of:


stretch marks

dry, damaged skin

uneven skin tone

aging skin

That’s a lot of work for this bottle of oil!

The bottle comes with a pump dispenser which is great! Easy to use, no mess, but does it do what it says? First thing I did was pour it into my bath. Much better than baby oil and has the soothing smell of cocoa butter to it. After drying off, I used it on my face as well as body. I even put it on my lips because it’s a lip balm.

You need very little of the oil at a time. This did not rub in as easily as it claims and I did find I had to blot my face even with my old, dry skin. On the upside, my makeup went on beautifully with no clumping or creasing. I thought there might be a problem with moisturizer being oil but there wasn’t.

Pour a little on a cotton ball and use this as the most amazing eye make-up remover. Quick and easy. I’ve also found that after using this daily for a couple of weeks, my cuticles look great but I haven’t seen any improvement yet in the actual nails.

My biggest surprise and the reason I will continue to use this Skin Therapy Oil, is my stretch marks. Immediately upon using you will see the marks lighten. The following day they are back to normal. Since using this daily though, my stretch marks while not gone, have lightened up a little each day. Will they stay that way? I don’t know. I don’t think they will disappear altogether but they are certainly less noticeable.

Palmers is offering one of my readers the chance to win the wonderful prize package you see as well as a bottle of their fantastic Skin Therapy Oil.

Entry #1191 Lisa K


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