Thinking Of Buying A Christmas Gift For Your Childs Teacher? Here’s A Few Ideas

This year has gone by so quickly and here we are with Christmas fast approaching. Soon the kids will be home for the holidays and that leads us to thinking about gifts for their teacher.

My children are all grown up but it’s the first year of school for my granddaughter. Kindergarten! An important year. This is the beginning of their relationship with school. For me, this teacher is especially important!

Before I give you some great ideas, let me tell you what not to buy. Ok, here goes, coffee mugs, anything that says #1 teacher, apple related items, personal items such as bath products and homemade baked goods. A few of you are shaking your head right now and thinking that I’m wrong. That teachers should appreciate whatever they get. You’re right….and you’re wrong.

Think of it this way. What would you like? Would you like to get 25 coffee mugs under the tree each year? If a stranger came up to you and said, “here, I baked you a dozen cookies”, would you eat them. Right now you’re saying that your child isn’t a stranger. True, but your child’s home is! The teacher doesn’t know how you live, how clean your kitchen is or even if you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Follow me? They DO appreciate all gifts from their students, they just don’t necesssarily keep them or eat them. For me, I hate to waste money. Don’t waste yours.

So what should you get? I’ve come up with what I think are some fantastic ideas! All them are under $10 and all of them are useable.

1. Coffee/Tea – Buy a box of specialty tea for the holidays. Something soothing like Stash – Chocolate Mint or Celestial Seasonings – Ginger Spice. Thinking coffee? Buy a tin of international flavored coffee like Orange Cappacino. These items are less than $5.00 each!

2. Christmas Cake – We’re all busy at this time of year and that includes teachers who may not have time to bake. Sobey’s has a wonderful sized Christmas cake for about $7.00. Baked goods, just not yours.

3. Pasta – Select a nice pasta like penne and add a specialty sauce. Place in a gift bag and tuck in a checkered tea towel like you would tissue paper. The tea towel and gift bag can be purchased at the dollar store. This gift is about $10 and it’s cute and practical.

4. Jam – Not homemade but select a few tiny jars in a variety. Make it a sample pack and add a cracker for spreading. This gift is also under $10

Each of these gifts are useable and they are also unisex. My husband eats jam on toast, loves baked goods and pasta and drinks both coffee and tea. So you can give these gifts to both a male and female teacher.

Now not everyone buys Christmas gifts for their childs teacher and that’s ok! However, make sure whether you are buying a gift or not, that your child makes a thank you card for your teacher. Tuck this inside your gift or use it as your gift. The teacher wants to be appreciated and your child doesn’t want to be left out of the giving process.

These are my opinions and please don’t hesitate to give me your feedback be it good or bad. I want to hear and so do others.