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Walk Softly My Friends With @hushpuppiesca #Review

I'm trying to remember if I've ever owned a pair of hush puppies before. The more I think about it, the more I believe that I didn't. Why is that? If I had, I'd never of stopped buying them. Let me explain this to you. A few days ago I received this beautiful pair of Hush Puppies Ceil Slip … [Read more...]

Travelling To Mauritius – An Island Nation

Travelling to Mauritius: An Island Nation  Planning a trip to Mauritius The island of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, has a tropical climate with year-round heat (temperatures can vary between 25°C and 33°C in summer), which in combination with the southeast wind makes it truly a place … [Read more...]

Mommy It’s Over! #Sochi #Olympics #Giveaway

Wow! Now that was a Winter Olympics! My eyes are grainy and sore but my heart is filled with pride. I managed to watch more events live than I had anticipated. Others I pvr'd and avoided social media until I'd watched them. There were sports that left me breathless with admiration of the … [Read more...]

Taste What’s New From Kellogg’s! #Review #Giveaway

It's snack time! At least it's been that way around my house the last two weeks. Snacks and the Olympics. Fortunately, half way through, a box filled with delicious products arrived. All from Kellogg's. A company well known for its family friendly cereals. *NEW* Cereal and Cracker Chips All the … [Read more...]

You’re Growing Up So Fast! – Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Granddaughter

This young girl is a blessing in my life.  From the day she was born I knew my life had been impacted in a special way. We had baby chats in the car, middle of the night laughter, lunch dates where she sat on the table and dominated with her smile. Today we have phone chats where she lifts my … [Read more...]

A Conversation Overheard During The Sochi Olympics

Me: Did you see that little kid all dressed in green? Hubby: <looks at me> Me: He was so excited just jumping up and down. He looks like a little elf. Hubby: <looks at me> Me: Maybe it wasn't a kid. It could of been a little person. Hubby <looks at me> Me: Of … [Read more...]

Here’s A Restaurant To Avoid! Yikes!! Burger #Burgers

This past weekend we decided to meet up with our oldest daughter and son-in-law. No one had a lot of time so something quick was needed. We chose a burger joint that was new to all of us. We went to South St Burger. For two reasons. One was to have an above average burger and two because they … [Read more...]

Indulge In Flavour With #TreStelle Cheeses #Review #Recipe

  In my world, cheese is a wonderful indulgence. Let's face it. When you think "cheese" you think ooey gooey or creamy or sharp. As a whole, it's something we automatically bring out to share with friends and family. We find ways to incorporate cheese into dishes. Dishes such as apple pie … [Read more...]

Looking To List Your Giveaway? Or Looking To Enter Some Great #Giveaways?

I finally did it! I added a tab to my page just for giveaways! It's about time, huh? If you have a giveaway that you want to list simply visit the page and link up! This page is always open, so link as many as you like :) Please tweet after you list your giveaway and help spread the word! Or If … [Read more...]

The Most Interesting Day Of February, According To Moi, Is Today Feb 16

Today is "Do a grouch a favour Day" I'm pretty sure we all know someone who fits that description. Perhaps not on a daily basis but on occasion. Maybe your child woke up grouchy or your spouse. You may have a neighbor that seems grouchy all the time. Me? I often run into grouchy people at … [Read more...]

We Interrupt My Regularly Scheduled Life

It's a good thing that you haven't been able to actually see me this last week. I'm Canadian, an enthusiastic supporter of our athletes and tired. The Russian time zone is killing me. I'm not kidding! For the last 7 days I've become the "blogger in pjs" who's eating way too many junkie … [Read more...]

What’s This All About? Fun Facts For #ValentinesDay

Why do we celebrate a day of love on February 14th? How did it all come about? Apparently there were a few "St Valentines" in ancient history. It is unclear just which "St Valentine" is behind this modern day tradition. One story proclaims a priest who secretly married young lovers against the … [Read more...]