Wow! #It’sAFact – Weird Town Names

Sometimes I just sit around and search the internet for weird and the strange. There’s so much out there that’s the truth. As they say, you can’t make this stuff up.

I thought it would be fun to have a monthly segment dedicated to weird but true. So, every second Wednesday of the month, look for my newest blog addition – “Wow! #ItsAFact”.

Last months post.

The word Wow

This month features weird town names. I got a good giggle and was truly surprised at how many there are. I’ve just highlighted a few.

1. Punkeydoodles Corners located in Southwestern Ontario.

2. Forget, Saskatchewan (no I’m not making this up)

3. Come By Chance, Newfoundland (guess you accidently stumble across this one)

4. Standoff, Alberta

5. Climax, Saskatchewan (Seriously not picking on my Sask friends!)

6. Fairie Glen, Saskatchewan (Seriously, not picking)

7. Crotch Lake, Ontario

8. Dildo, Newfoundland

9. Spuzzum, BC

10. Dorking, Ontario (oh Ontario, what were you thinking?)


  1. Funny! I’ve heard of some of those town names before…
    There is one in Austria, that begins with the letter “F”.

  2. bina edwards says:

    yeah we have EYEBROW, Elbow, Moosejaw, conquest, prelate, abbey, leader, all sorts of pretty weird names in SK
    stuff like prelate and abbey were named after religion and those towns are all close together (I’ve actually lived at prelate and conquest, moose jaw lol )