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Food Network Star Is Back For Season Ten! Begins June 1st – Don’t Miss It! #FoodNetworkStar

If you haven't been watching, Food Network has a fabulous show called Food Network Star. It's a competion that challenges competitors to show what they've got. What makes them unique and why they should be the next new face on the Food Network. Returning this season are Alton Brown (my all time … [Read more...]

Candy Apple Deliciousness In New #Nair Sugar Wax #Giveaway #Review

Every summer the Calgary Stampede comes around. There's nothing quite like hitting the fair grounds and smelling all those yummy, high calorie foods! I look forward to this each year as it's at that time when I allow myself two special treats. First there's mini donuts and who doesn't like those? … [Read more...]

Fancy A Trip To Mexico? You Could Win 1 Of 5!! Amazing #Giveaway #muchocinco

What a terrible winter we've had. I'm seeing snow in my sleep and day dreaming about a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Who's with me? Of course you are! Imagine yourself on the beach, you can hear the waves and feel the heat of the sun. The breeze brings in wonderful smells of various Mexican dishes just … [Read more...]

I Went To LA For The Weekend….Sort Of

This past weekend one of my nephews graduated University. I wanted to be there to celebrate with him and decided to make the trek out there. For the past week, my husband has been making a point that he's taking me to LA for the weekend. He's right but he's been making it sound more glamorous … [Read more...]

Turkey Lasagna #TurkeyLeftovers #Recipe #Easy

I'm a pasta lover. You all know that. So any excuse to make it works for me. Leftover turkey is a great excuse to make this one. It's much lighter than a regular lasagna because you're using turkey instead of beef. Also, you don't require as much cheese as you'd put on a regular lasagna. The fresh … [Read more...]

Oxy Emergency Acne Vanishing Wipes #Giveaway #Review

There are a lot of products on the market for acne. Some help, some don't. It's hard to know just where to spend your money. It's also frustrating when you purchase a product and it doesn't work. I've mentioned before that I have adult acne. It's not severe but it does flare up from time to time. … [Read more...]

It’s Time For A Friday Facebook Funny #PeeOnIt

This one totally made me laugh out loud!! Ahh, to have the dogs life! Laugh and have a great weekend :) … [Read more...]

My Wedding Anniversay Was Yesterday

You know on the day of your wedding how hectic it is and yet how spoiled you feel? How you know just how lucky you are to have found that number one person? Yesterday was just such a day. I woke up purely exhausted from a lousy nights sleep of weird dreams and tossing and turning. After a hug … [Read more...]

Double Stuffed Turkey And Bacon Potatoes #TurkeyLeftovers #Recipe

One of my favorite things to cook is a great big turkey! I love it! Turkey Dinner, day after warm ups, turkey sandwiches! So Yum!! There are people though that get a little fed up with eating turkey for days on end. *Gasp! Just don't waste it! Please! Chop it all up and put it into baggies and … [Read more...]

Fun/Yummy Activites For Kids With #Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

If you're a mom, then chances are you've made Rice Krispie Sqaures. They're a quick, easy, no bake treat that kids love. One of the nice things about this simple dish, is what you and your kids can do with it. It just takes a little imagination and a lot of fun! Recently, Kellogg's … [Read more...]

Want The Secret To Fashionable, Comfortable And Cool Legwear? @SecretLegwear #Giveaway

We've all enjoyed a horrendous winter and it's time to start thinking summer! Off come the bulky jackets, boots and sweaters. Time to pull out the t-shirts and shorts. Time to pull out that breezy summer dress or light office jacket. Whether it's dressy or casual, office or tourist, we want to be … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day – What’s It All About And Why You Should Participate #FRD2014 @sobeys

Sobeys has just launched a new website It's in preparation of Food Revolution Day on May 16th. Frankly, until a week ago, I had no idea there was such a thing. Once I read up on it, I found out some shocking facts I'm going to let you in on. Did you know that: 1. Only … [Read more...]