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ReEnergize Naturally And Breathe Easy With New Oxygen Plus @OxygenStoreCAN #Review

Have you ever been to Vegas? Seen all the bells and whistles? The lights, the sounds, the strip, the entertainment, the people or experienced the energy? What about collapsing in a heap of tears? Crying so that you can't breathe. Exhausted by the end of the flow. Perhaps you've found yourself … [Read more...]

Family – Doing The Right Thing Doesn’t always Feel So Good #OldAge #Elderly #HomeCare

You can't teach an old dog new tricks and convincing the elderly to give up their independence can be a challenge. Imagine being an 86 year old widow or widower who's been alone and independent for 31 years. Your health is good, you walk everywhere, cook for yourself and live alone. Then you … [Read more...]

When Life Becomes Waiting For Death #OldAge #Dying

You begin to die the moment you are born. It's not something we tend to think about though. There's just so much living and learning to do. Once you hit your thirties or so, you begin to think about the welfare of your spouse, significant other and children. What would happen to them if you're … [Read more...]

Homemade BBQ Sauce In A Snap #Easy #Recipe #Chicken #Pork

Saturday afternoon we had a bbq and invited over some friends. I decided to make chicken wings on the grill but didn't want use a store bought sauce. After much searching on the internet and Bobby Flay's BBQ addiction, I came up with a fabulous homemade bbq sauce you'll want to eat right off the … [Read more...]

Time For A Friday Facebook Funny – Making Appearances

Come on now, let's admit it. We've all done this one on occasion. In fact, since I work at home, I'll admit to making appearances on a regular basis. Problem is, I know it's Friday and I just want the weekend to be here. You? Come on, I won't tell the boss. … [Read more...]

Summertime Turkey Dinner #Easy #BBQ

My favourite time of year has always been Christmas, I adore the decorations, the planning, family gatherings and friends. As a person who really enjoys her food, my turkey dinner. It's wonderful. The smells, the taste, the joy on the faces of everyone around the dinner table. Did I mention flavour? … [Read more...]

Refreshing Watermelon And Cherry Salad #Easy #Recipe

Summer is all about the amazing fruit that shows up in your local store or farmers market. I feel lucky to live in Alberta where we can easily get the juicest fruit from the Okanagon in BC. My mouth seems to crave the different flavours and textures. The sweet and the tart. Right now watermelon … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon Snoozefest

During hot, sunny weekend afternoons, it's not unusual for people to take a cat nap. The heat can get to you and make you drowsy. This past Sunday afternoon  was especially warm and a nap seemed in order. Yes folks, the picture you see is not of me. Nope, uh uh. I was downstairs making a … [Read more...]

Never Make Bets With Your Husband When You’re Being A Smarta$$

Back when I was young and foolish and oh so clever, I made a fun in the sun bet with my husband. He'd been bothering me for eons about trying oysters. Trust me, you'll love them, he said. In order to solve the situation and get him to stop, I challenged him. Perhaps it was the sun, the good … [Read more...]

Pasta And BBQ’d Garlic Bread #BBQ #Easy #SummerCooking #Recipe

This summer, I've promised myself that I will not turn on the oven unless absolutely necessary. I love bbq and I want to do as much as I can outside without heating up my home anymore than I have to. Once you start thinking about it, it's not that hard. Today I want to show you how to make great … [Read more...]

Cereal And Milk – It’s A Great Way To Begin Your Day #Giveaway #Kellogg’s

We all know how important breakfast is in getting a good start to your day. It revs up your metabolism, gets your brain going and provides you with energy. One way to economically begin your day is with a simple bowl of cereal and milk. Kellogg's provides many nutritious cereals that when added … [Read more...]

Your Legs Deserve The Luxury Of @silkshosiery #Review #Giveaway

Sometimes I need a little boost to my ego. A lift in my spirits. On those occasions I pull out some of my favourite clothes and accessories. Those beautiful, soft and luxurious fabrics that make me feel special. Silk is one of those luxurious fabrics that just feels good! It glides over your … [Read more...]