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Have you ever been to Vegas? Seen all the bells and whistles? The lights, the sounds, the strip, the entertainment, the people or experienced the energy? What about collapsing in a heap of tears? Crying so that you can’t breathe. Exhausted by the end of the flow. Perhaps you’ve found yourself panting after a hard work out or maybe just too much heat?

What do all these things have in common? Oxygen!

That’s right! In Vegas you seem to have unlimited energy. You can stay up well into the night and feel great. That’s because the casinos pump oxygen in and it gives you the boost you need. Crying, exercising or heat can limit your oxygen intake.

What if you could take your oxygen with you? Always have a supply handy, just in case? Something you can tuck into your purse or drop into a pocket?

Most of us have seen those large tanks being dragged around by those who suffer from long term breathing disabilities but frankly, I’ve never seen anything truly portable. Until now.

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I was contacted about a product new to Canada. Apparently it’s been around in the US for awhile and yet just arrived here a few months ago. It’s called, Oxygen Plus. It was really an exciting opportunity for me because I’m always looking for healthier alternatives in all areas, like food and exercise, that suits me. Here was a product that could give me an energy boost and it’s as natural as it gets. Pure Oxygen.

Often times in the middle of the day, I’m craving a nap. It’s probably a combination of working on the computer and trying to keep up with all the regular household chores and errands. My eyes just want to close. I usually do one of two things: eat or grab a cup of caffeine. I know, I know, they say to exercise but really, I can barely get outta my chair.

Oxygen Plus Mini

Now, this product promises an energy boost without caffeine and without calories that can get you moving. I received a box of 6 mini in Grapefruit flavour. (ARV $54.99) Yup, I said flavour. Who knew you could flavour air? At this point, I need to say that although there are flavours, I can’t say I really tasted grapefruit. It doesn’t matter though. Being able to breathe grapefruit is not my top priority.

Since I have been to Vegas, I know what oxygen can do for your energy levels. Does this product do the same? No, of course not! It’s not suppose to. In Vegas you are constantly breathing in the oxygen and you’re pumped for the night. This gives you that energy boost to get past the drowsiness of the afternoon.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that it’s been a rough week or two. My mom is very ill and yes, I’ve bawled my eyes out a time or two and expect I will again. The Oxygen Plus helped me catch my breath and gave me the ability to breathe and calm down faster than the jerky, hiccuppy breaths that you usually take.

It’s super easy to use as you literally just squirt the oxygen into your mouth and inhale. Two or three squirts takes me past the mid-afternoon slump. I never thought I’d say that I’d pay for oxygen, however, turns out I would. I’d rather boost my oxygen levels than my caffeine levels.

Price wise, I’d say it’s not too bad. You can buy singles, 3 packs, 6 packs, skinnies or a mini, regular, peppermint or grapefruit and the price varies from $12.99 to $69.99. If this is something you believe would be good for you or a family member, I’d urge you to take advantage of the 30% discount being offered to my readers through the end of August. It’s makes the price very, very reasonable. A single would cost only 9 bucks and the pack like I received would be $38.50. There are about 50 breaths in a single skinny. How much do you pay for a single coffee at the drive through?

Please note, I am not receiving anything for promoting the discount. No payments or commissions. I just think that this could be a real help to a lot of people and it’s healthy.



  1. bina edwards says:

    totally weird, and I’ve never been to vegas but have heard of the oxygen thing from others who have gone (now if only other holiday destinations did that, I’d hve gotten more for my buck!!)

  2. I have tried this product and I am in love with this. My philosophy is “work hard and party hard”. Oxygen Plus helps me maintain my energy level throughout the day……. The best is over the weekend it helps me recover from the hangover after a night out.
    Super Happy!!

    • It’s a great product! Be sure and use my discount code beginning Aug 1 for 30% off 🙂

  3. I don’t know about this, it sounds so far out, and I’ve never been to Vegas so I’m not aware of the oxygen factor.

  4. Strengthen your lungs and have good skin complexion with proper oxygen breathing.