Guess Who Made Sushi @edo_japan For The First Time? #competition #SushiCanadiansLove

That’s right, me.

In case you were unaware and missed the competitive chatter on Twitter, myself and several other bloggers took to the sushi rolling table.

{Edo sushi chefs! @robgairns @ScrumpFitFood @fareenjj @elizaboothy @foodonyourshirt (Pierre Lamielle) @sweetmamabrady (Me) @VincciT}

I was a tad bit nervous since I’ve never eaten sushi let alone rolled it! Then I spotted Pierre! You may know him from Chopped Canada or Top Chef Canada.

Pierre Lamielle at Sushi competition

Anyway, as soon as I saw him, my competitive side kicked in. I may of roughed him up a bit to give myself an edge.

Once I let him know the game was on, I had a wander around to see what the other fab bloggers were using as their secret ingredient. We were all allowed to choose two “special” ingredients along with provided ingredients of salmon, crab, cucumber, avocado, beef, nori, rice and sauces. I chose some creamy onion and chive goat cheese along with watercress.

sushi rolling table

The clock was set for 20 minutes and we were off. I grabbed my ingredients of salmon and cucumber to go with my secret ones and ventured down the road of sushi rolling.

My completed sushi

I didn’t do half bad, if I do say so myself. I credit an old Ukranian woman who taught me how to roll cabbage rolls. (I can see Pierre shaking his head here).

sushi rolling champion

I didn’t win, that went to the lovely and obviously talented, Bonnie Huang – @ScrumpFitFood. Her sushi looked super yummy. Congratulations again! Well done!

It was a wonderful, fun event, thanks to the ever friendly people of Edo Japan. They couldn’t of made us feel any more comfortable or confident in our skills and even tasted all our sushi with pleasure. I never saw one grimace.

Thank you for inviting me. I had a blast!


  1. Awesome job!

  2. way to go Tina 😛

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    Looks pretty darn good to me!!! I would love to make my own but not sure where to buy half the ingredients