Archives for August 8, 2014

I’d Like To Be Seventeen In High School Again With One Exception

During my high school years, I wanted out. I loved learning but my social skills sucked. I've spent the rest of my life thinking "thank goodness that's over". Over the long weekend though, I had a change of heart. I was up late, late on Friday night listening to old tunes. Stuff I grew up with … [Read more...]

Time For A Friday Facebook Funny – Brunch

Truth! Brunch Anyone? … [Read more...]

Flash Giveaway!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday Only!! My Outlet Store #MyOutletStore

Are you familiar with Cardswap? Well, they've added a new member to their family and it's called My Outlet Store. It's a new Canadian online site, which brings deals found on clearance racks or warehouse just a click away.  They have partnered with leading retailers to offer exclusive limited … [Read more...]