I’d Like To Be Seventeen In High School Again With One Exception

being seventeen

During my high school years, I wanted out. I loved learning but my social skills sucked.

I’ve spent the rest of my life thinking “thank goodness that’s over”.

Over the long weekend though, I had a change of heart. I was up late, late on Friday night listening to old tunes. Stuff I grew up with and stuff from the 50’s & 60’s. It suddenly occurred to me what a different person I’d become.

It wasn’t just the aging or maturity, it was the self confidence I’d found along the way. The guts and determination to be myself.

I have a different view on what’s important and who’s important.

If there was a time machine, I’d head on back to school, only I’d take along all of the new me. I’d have a blast! My nerves wouldn’t keep me in a corner. Instead, I’d lead the way.

I’d go to school dances and I’d dance. Alone or not and not caring about whether or not I trip over my own two feet. I’d push away those flies, those pesky, self-important little girlie cliques with my knowledge of how insignificant they feel alone. The knowledge that they can only survive by feeding off one another.

My feet would be firmly on the ground and I’d walk with head held high. If I felt like talking to someone, I would. There’d be no feeling of inadequacy.

Frankly, I’d have fun and I encourage the others I see skulking in the hallways trying to hide, to do the the same.

Yes, I’d enjoy being seventeen again! I wish to see my previous life through the eyes of my current life.

If only I could……


  1. bina edwards says:

    I’d like the body I had at 17 LOL bus these days , everything just hurts!! I’d not want to go through all that social stuff though … I had tons of friends when I was young, but really prefer my life now

    • Oh I love my life as it is now, I’d just like to put a stamp on my past life too! 🙂