A Great Pass Time For Tired Mums – Bingo

If you are a mother to be, make sure you are prepared for the changes in your life. I distinctly remember when I had my first child (surely it was the best feeling ever), my world turned upside down. I know how priorities change after having kids. Taking care of the little one while running errands at home, and finally when you are done with all the work and your child is asleep, you just want to flop into the bed.

I remember how I used to take breaks every now and then indulging in my hobbies. I still do the same and enjoy the little ‘me time’. These days with internet and technological advancement, I just get my feet up and relax reading blogs, news or simply… errr play bingo.

bingo markers

Today there are plenty of online bingo sites boasting an array of bingo and instant games with attractive promotions. As the competition gets fierce with the passage of time, the brands want to stand out. Hence, better offers and more benefits for the players. So here’s how I started my online bingo journey. In the past, I used to play bingo for charities or in the brick and mortar bingo halls, till a friend suggested me to try online bingo (it’s one of the best things that has happened to me so far). She used to play at a site called GameVillage Bingo. I followed her. After couple of games, I realized why virtual bingo is sweeping the world. It costs me so little to play for large wins. Sometimes I play free bingo too when I’m strapped for cash.

Signing up to a bingo site was pretty beneficial as I got a generous welcome bonus to start with- that means my money stretched further than what I deposited. Best part about the game is I hardly need to do anything. Simply buy the cards, that’s it. The software does automatic daubing, as I chat with my fellow roomies. I keep an eye on the game’s progress and enjoy the lively banter in the bingo rooms. The chat facility is a real boon, especially for me. Whenever I feel lonesome, surrounded by deathly silence, I get down to a bingo room. It helps me clear my head.

For those who are yet to experience online bingo, it’s a journey worth taking. Yes, that’s how I describe my love for the game. So give it a go and don’t forget to share your experience (perhaps your sweet wins too!)