Vector Cereal And Bars – V For Victory #Kelloggs #Giveaway

I’m not a morning person. I may of revealed this in the past once or twice. It just doesn’t suit me. However, that’s not to say I won’t get up. I just don’t like it. Not unless I’m off on another adventure/vacation. Then, I’m ready to go before anyone else.

Since the morning insists upon arriving, I need to focus on energy. First, a wake me up coffee and some fruit.Β However, that doesn’t always cut it. For instance, if you’re raising a family you’ll notice that kids are work. They have energy 24 hours a day. Mine are grown but I have an active, enthusiastic granddaughter. At seven years old, she’s inquisitive, mind always turning. Ready to go at a moments notice.

That requires grandma having a little more, scratch that, a lot more get up and go than usual.

A box arrived, full of Vector products. Cereal, granola and cereal bars. Just in time for my trip to Saskatoon. Swimming and the bouncy house are two activities on our to do list. For that, I’ll need Vector.

Loaded with protein, Vector products are sure to give me, and you, the fuel needed to keep up! Vector’s new granola, has whole almonds and 20grams of protein per serving! It’s awesome with my Greek yogurt, blueberries and perfect for packing on my road trip.

There’s 9 grams of protein in their cereal bars. Totally portable, throw in purse and ready for the “inevitable” – “Grandma, I’m hungry!”. Turns out the chocolate chip ones are both my husbands and granddaughters favorite. Not really a surprise πŸ™‚ they’re fudgey.
Protein is filling and an energy booster. Tell me what gets you ready for a busy day? Then enter to win a wonderful prize pack, just like the one I received, from Kellogg’s. A $45 value!


  1. A cup of coffee or tea

  2. wendy hutton says:

    I need coffee first thing in the morning to get me going

  3. tanyab79 says:

    A good breakfast and coffee after my morning shower.

  4. Carol M says:

    My cup of tea

  5. Florence C says:

    I get my morning off to a good start with a cup of tea and breakfast.

  6. Doris Calvert says:

    I usually have yogurt, coffee with toast or cereal

  7. A cup of coffee and a good breakfast.

  8. Jennifer I says:

    I need coffee in the morning!! πŸ™‚

  9. Anne Taylor says:

    A hot shower, a good cup of tea and a healthy breaky gets my day off on a good start

  10. Christine Holliday says:

    I trust Kelloggs Vector cereals, I’ve only ever tried the cereal bars, but the granola sounds great!

  11. andrea amy says:

    Coffee… seriously, I’m like one of those Facebook memes that suggest if you even attempt to talk to me before my 2nd mug of coffee I will very likely snap on you. Once I am on my 2nd mug, its safe again. Kind of. I’m not a morning person AT ALL lol πŸ™‚

  12. A nice cup of coffee and a breakfast bar.
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  13. coffee!

  14. Lisa bolduc says:

    A cup of coffee and getting to sleep in.

  15. Julie Bolduc says:

    A good toast with a egg

  16. Joan Kubes says:

    When I go for a nature walk in the morning it makes my whole day.

  17. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    First thing for me is my coffee, while I read my delivered newspaper

  18. A healthy breakfast is an important start to the day!

  19. I get started with a good cup of coffee and a breakfast of cereal and fruit.

  20. SweetPanda says:

    A nice cup of coffee to wake me up

  21. 409cope says:

    A cup of tea and a good breakfast get me off to a good start.

  22. ivy pluchinsky says:

    my cup of coffee

  23. Clare Tea (@icitea) says:

    10 minutes of yoga and then meditating while sipping a coffee/tea and looking at my garden.

  24. Silvia D says:

    coffee, a sunny day and breakfast

  25. Lynda Cook says:

    I usually have a protein shake or a omelette using egg whites

  26. I nice yogurt.

  27. Judy Cowan says:

    Definitely a cup of coffee to get me going in the morning!

  28. Victoria Ess says:

    A good cup of coffee.

  29. A sunny day, a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal with fruit or yogurt with granola mixed in get my day off to a good start.

  30. Elaine G says:

    A cup of tea and toast.

  31. Shelley N says:

    To get my morning off to a good start I often have cereal and several cups of coffee

  32. After my tea, something lower in sugar but high in protein (I’m hypoglycemic). I’d love to give this product a try!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
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  33. Good coffee and healthy breakfast

  34. coffee with toast or cereal

  35. Jeannie says:

    Coffee usually gets me going in the morning.

  36. coffee for me

  37. KellyPC says:

    sleeping in & having a hot coffee!

  38. A cup of coffee gets me going πŸ™‚

  39. I always start my day with a cup of coffee.

  40. Brenda Penton says:

    A good cup of coffee gets me off to get a good start. Sunshine helps too!

  41. Heidi c. says:

    Hugs and kisses from my kids get me going in the am.

  42. Juliee Fitze says:

    I need my coffee to get my day going.

  43. I need coffee in the morning with toast

  44. Carol Ann Westbook says:

    Coffee, yogurt and fruit.

  45. Audrey Skinner says:

    I have coffee and cereal with fruit in the morning.

  46. angela martin says:

    coffee and a muffin

  47. Glogirl says:

    My morning gets off to a good start with a shower! I seem to need one to feel woken up!

  48. My first cup of coffee.

  49. Jennifer A. says:

    Coffee and cookies πŸ™‚

  50. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I start my day with a good breakfast.

  51. nicolthepickle says:

    A good hot cup of coffee.

  52. Karla Sceviour says:

    I have a good breakfast which gets my morning off to a good start.

  53. Vector here!! Sure gets me going πŸ™‚

  54. Belinda McNabb says:

    having a healthy breakfast gets my morning off to a good start

  55. Treen Goodwin says:

    A great cuppa Coffee and some great cereal , gets my day off to a good start !

  56. FREDERIC BROWN says:

    My day starts with A cup of coffee and a good breakfast

  57. SueSueper says:

    A nice fresh cup of coffee makes my morning perfect.

    Then I go for Oatmeal cooked to perfection with frozen cherries and blueberries in it.

  58. lynn clayton says:

    a hug from my son and a good breakfast

  59. Jennifer I says:

    COFFEE!!!! Or else the day does NOT get under way!

  60. Nicole Jubleew says:

    The perfectly made cup of tea starts my day.

  61. mrdisco says:

    a kiss from the loved one

  62. Nate Fuller says:

    When I can eat my breakfast in peace without and squabbles amongst the kids.

  63. Nate Fuller says:

    When I can eat my breakfast in peace without and squabbles amongst the kids. ?

  64. Sherry K says:

    My day starts off with yogurt and granola.

  65. Amy Heffernan says:

    A good breakfast!

  66. Sunshine G says:

    A huge breakfast and a hot cup of tea.

  67. krystyl olson says:

    putzing around on the computer while I drink my coffee – I go to work before anyone in the hose wakes up, so it’s ‘mommy time’

  68. Enticing!

  69. Caroline says:

    Definitely breakfast. Cannot start the day on an empty stomach.

  70. Krista Embertson says:

    coffee and fresh juiced veggies. Kisses from the family and a hot shower

  71. Lindsey says:


  72. seham merzib says:

    a good cup of coffee

  73. Carole Dube says:

    A good cup of coffee and a nutritious breakfast.

  74. a balance of protein, carbs, fats. thanks

  75. A cup of coffee always starts my morning off good, sometimes little bit of music and getting to spend time with the boyfriend before work.

  76. Elaine Buonsante says:

    A good nutritious, balanced breakfast consisting of a protein, dairy, grain and a fruit.

  77. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    A nice hot cup of coffee.

  78. A cup of coffee!

  79. I walk my dog in the morning.

  80. Viv Sluys says:

    I like to start my morning with a cup of coffee and some quiet time to read my Bible.

  81. Kelley Moore says:

    A cup of coffee

  82. Debbie W says:

    Waking up ahead of time, having shower and having a little quiet time with a cup of coffee.

  83. Coffee with baileys!

  84. Robert Wise says:

    A shower, glass of iced tea (or hot tea) & oatmeal.

  85. strong coffee

  86. Carol Denny says:

    Coffee,oatmeal and fruit

  87. aarone mawdsley says:

    a good coffee, a good breakfast and a good smile!

  88. Darrah Bailey says:

    A good quick breakfast and a successful getting ready πŸ˜‰

  89. kathy downey says:

    A lovely cup of steeped tea

  90. brandon forsyth says:

    A fine cup of coffee and some fruit and toast

  91. Angela Mitchell says:

    Sunshine and a good breakfast:)

  92. Rhonda W G. says:

    A large cup of black coffee and my dogs!

  93. Freshly made coffee with milk and sugar.

  94. Kelly Baker says:

    A hot shower!

  95. Jennifer P. says:

    Peace and quiet with a big cup of coffee before my kids get up starts off my morning nicely. I am cherishing these summer mornings because once school goes back in my eldest gets up at the same time as me and I don’t get the chance to relax, drink coffee and check emails in peace like I do right now.

  96. Tammy Dalley says:

    A cold shower and a coffee

  97. Rosanne Robinson says:

    I definitely need a few cups of coffee first thing in the morning, followed by a nice bowl of cereal & banana for breakfast

  98. Coffee and my routine of checking emails/internet.

  99. Theresa C. says:

    I need to have a quiet cup of cappuccino before my hubby wants me to eat a huge breakfast! πŸ˜‰

  100. Julie R. says:

    Coffee and a good breakfast starts my morning off perfectly. Thanks!

  101. Ashley B. says:

    A cup of tea. πŸ™‚

  102. Maegan Morin says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get off to a good start in the morning….

  103. Counting my blessings and starting my day in gratitude with a grateful heart
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  104. Shawna Chapman says:

    Waking up and seeing that I’ve been blessed with another day!

  105. Valerie Mallette says:

    A nice breakfast, a cup of tea, and a shower gets my morning off to a good start.

  106. A great breakfast and a good sleep the night before.

  107. A nice hot shower and big cup of coffee gets my morning off to a great start

  108. a cup of tea and a good breakfast gets my morning off to a good start.

  109. A smoothie gets my day off to a good start. As good as it can at 6am!

  110. Having a nice sleep!

  111. laurie murley says:

    my morning get started off right when I eat something filling to get me going