Be Halloween Ready With @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Halloween is a mere few days away. Are you ready? I know I am. Earlier this month, I headed out and purchased a dragon costume for my six month old grandson. He had a say in it, don’t you worry. First, I showed him a TMNT costume. He just sat in his chair looking at me like I was nuts. Now, now, I can imagine your thoughts here. Next, I showed him the dragon costume and he started wiggling and giggling. We had a winner!

Let’s face it, no matter the age, children know what they like. Whether that’s because it’s bright and colourful, or because it just so happens to be their favourite character. So, you have a costume, handmade or bought, it’s all good. Picking up candy, is easy too. What about spooky entertainment?

Halloween picks on Netflix

If your child is having a home party, you’ll need halloween entertainment. If they go out for halloween, well, they need some great, spooky entertainment while they enjoy their treats before bed. Netflix Canada has you covered with fun, not too scary, adventures. How about Caspers Scare School, Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Wolfman or Hotel Transylvania 2.

Halloween viewin for the older kids on Netflix

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the older kids and moms and dads. We’ve even posted times for you, so you don’t miss out! Oh, and food! You’ll need a creepy snack to go along with that.

You’re Welcome! Happy Halloween!