Let’s Chat About Home Organization With @Tidy_Living

Are you dedicated to home organization? I’ve tried many times to become more organized. In fact, I spent an entire year tidying up my basement, one week at a time, one item at a time. That worked great, for awhile. Over time, my basement has reverted back to being upside down. I need to get more creative with home organization.

the tidy living logoI’ve had a much different opinion about how to get organized and why I should organize, since I began working with Tidy Living I made a list of reasons to keep me on track.

  1. Cleaning is easier when you’re organized
  2. You can find items you need quickly
  3. You have a sense of pride and accomplishment
  4. Life is less cluttered

First thing I did, was to decide what I need to help me. I made a list, again. One list for each area of my home. In the kitchen, my worst enemy is my pantry. For my bathroom, it’s counter clutter. My closets are overcrowded and items are on the floor. That’s three areas. Next, I decided on the amount I could afford this month. Finally, I went shopping at Tidy Living.

A note here: If you sign up to Tidy Living and receive their newsletter, you earn points. Points that you can use in the future to save money. Every little bit helps. Keep checking online at Tidy Living. They always seem to have something on special.

Back to my home organization. Even though I can’t afford to do everything at once, I decided to do a little on each area, every month, until I have my home exactly how I want it. I ordered 4 items.

  1. two divided storage bins
  2. two stackable basket organizers
  3. six shelf hanging bag
  4. vertical six cube organizer

master bedroom closet that needs organizing

If you attended our twitter party in January, you received at discount code for 25% off. This was a huge savings for me! I saved $19.19 on my first order! I didn’t get the VIP points because I forgot to sign in when I ordered. Ugh!! So make sure you’ve signed up and that you’re signed in. Don’t miss out! Anyway, I began in the master bedroom closet. Stuff all over the floor, clothes jammed in and items I’ve probably not used in some time. The shelf between the two racks of clothes contains purses. This cause my clothes to bunch and not hang properly.

home organization - an organized master bedroom closet

As you can see, I added one item from Tidy Living to my closet, the six shelf hanging bag. Once I filled the hanging shelves, I could see a lot more of my closet and what I wasn’t using. It motivated me to purge and tidy. I removed items from the floor, and cleared off the shelf. It allowed me to fold and view my jeans for easy access. The back half of closet has so much more room. Now, if I could get my husband to purge and tidy his half!

It really is easy to organize your home when you have the right tools. A visit to TidyLiving will give you access to all sorts of items. Visiting their blog, will give you a ton of ideas!