Abuse Takes All Forms – This Is Abuse! Know it! #Repost


Know abuse and get help

There is no need for an introduction to abuse, however, there seems to be a need to explain what it is. Abuse is when a person tries to control the behaviour of another person. This could be physical, psychological or sexual. It’s when someone uses their intimate relationship to threaten, intimidate, confine or injure their partner.

Abuse is:

1. Does your partner talk down to you? Example – you don’t know what talking about, no one wants to hear your opinion, be quiet and let the grown ups talk

2. Does your partner belittle you? Example – you are a piece is crap, no one but me can stand you, you are an idiot, you’re ugly and no one will want you

3. Your partner wants complete control over your finances and tells you what you can and cannot spend money on.

4. When your partner keeps checking up on you to see where you are, where you’re going and when you’ll be home.

5. If you are not allowed to see your friends alone.

6. If you are punished for doing something your partner does not like.

7. If you are locked in a room.

8. When you are forced to have sex.

9. If you are beaten for any reason.

You are a person. You have people who love you. Abuse is not your fault. You did not “make” someone hit you. You are not responsible for their rage. They are not sorry, even if they bring you chocolates and flowers. They will do it again.