Big Al’s Aquarium USA Is Having A Twitter Party! RSVP @BigAls_Pets March 9 #BigAlsPets

My father-in-law was a huge lover of fish, birds and dogs. Living on Vancouver island, he created ponds and averies in his very large backyard. He loved planting gardens and maintaining his yard. In fact, it was so beautiful, elementary schools used to book outings there for the smaller children! A lot of work, but he loved it.

Now, my oldest daughter has gotten the bug. We’ve always had dogs and  occasionally goldfish, but nothing extreme. However, she’s following in her grandfathers footsteps.

Her aquariums are a peaceful retreat. She finds them calming and great for stress relief. Her niece is so enthusiastic, as children can be, and loves to watch the fish and learn from her aunt.

Fish are actually a great way to introduce pets and responsibility to a child. That’s why so many people have goldfish. Aquariums can be as complicated or complex as you choose.

Pets in general are a wonderful addition to a family and great company for singles.

Big Al's Aquarium

My daughter enthusiastically reviewed a number of products from Big Al’s Aquarium. Follow the link and see what she had to say. Fantastic information for someone just starting out or anyone looking to expand.

When you’re done, RSVP below for Big Al’s Aquarium very first Twitter Party. It’s going to be a lot of fun, with tons of information. Of course, we’ll have prizes too!! This is a twitter party for residents of the USA. RSVP and use #BigAlsPets during the party! $900 in prizes!!


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