Cut The Chaos – Spring Cleaning The Clutter With @Tidy_Living

Spring is on its way, I promise! Sooner or later, here in Canada, the weather warms up. Time to start thinking spring cleaning, a fresh smelling home and the possibility of summer. Thoughts of summer turn into bbq’s, lounging in the yard, kids running in an out, long walks and more. However, you have to get there first.

We begin at the beginning, spring cleaning. Once you accomplish this, you can enjoy the summer that follows.

The question is, where to start? It’s simple.

spring cleaning with the clutter chart

Start with the clutter. We all have it. In fact, I believe we all have a little hoarder gene inside of us. We hang on to items for years, even though we never use it. I do! For some reason, it’s hard to let go, but trust me, you’ll feel better.

Start in one room, and use the chart above to make piles. One pile to keep, one to recycle and one to trash. Once this is accomplished, look for storage hacks. Visit sites like tidyliving. You’ll find an abundance of well priced items to help you store those items you’ll keep. At the top of their page, is the link to their tidyliving blog. This is a fantastic resource for cleaning and storage hacks!

This once a year purge, will help you enjoy the summer. At the end of a long, beautiful summer day, a quick tidy and wipe down, will be all you need.