Yes, I Sleep With A Ratty Old Elephant

This may not look like an elephant to you. However, I assure you it is. Perhaps it’s a little worn out, but Portia still loves it.

Portias favourite toy an elephant

We bought this for Portia shortly after we brought her home. That makes it well over 3 years old. She carries this around on a daily basis. It’s her favourite toy to fetch and cuddle with. Occasionally, she even cleans it like she might clean a pup.

We’ve bought her numerous other squeaky toys. Some, like her pink dinosaur, she’s kept quite nicely. Others, not pink, she’s shredded and walked away from. We quickly discovered, pink was the colour she wanted. Except for tennis balls. Those she loves, even though they aren’t pink.

Up until a few months ago, all toys got spread out about the house, prior to bedtime. Some rested on our bedroom floor, others were given the bonus room or kitchen. Again, as you may of guessed, her favourites got our bedroom.

Now, she has decided to trust us with that ratty, old elephant. After cuddling and playing with it for awhile, she’ll head off to her own bed, leaving us with her prize possession. At first, I removed it from our bed and deposited it on the floor. In the morning, she ran over, looked at it, and then looked at me. Her face was asking what my problem was. Was her gift insufficient? How dare I!

So, I began leaving it on the comforter overnight. To begin with, she’d check out its position before heading downstairs. No looks of disapproval. Now, however, she trusts that it’s still there, and heads downstairs. That ratty, old elephant remains on the bed throughout the day, unless she chooses to to play with it.

Consequently, that is how I came to be sleeping with an elephant!