Shaking Out A New “Doo” With Wigs #Blackhairspray #beauty #ad

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all views and opions are my own.

My hair can drive me crazy! I’ve grown it long or cut it short. Sometimes I colour it, create bangs or brush to the side. Frankly, I’m never quite happy with how it looks. I’ll check through magazines to see what kind of style might suit me, before heading off to the hairdressers. Somehow, every haircut ends up looking very similar.

wigs in the chloee style

I’ve kinda envied the stars for all the different hairdoo’s they flash about. Of course, we know that 99% are wigs. Think of the possibilities, if you could afford wigs of your own. Imagine, long and sexy for an evening out or short and sassy for a camping trip. I wasn’t sure that was possible, until participating in this campaign.

wigs - cleopatra style

In fact, amazingly enough, real hair wigs can be quite inexpensive. Each one varies depending on style, length or curl. You’ll find quite an assortment of colors as well. You aren’t limited to black and brown. Go crazy for an evening with a purple or red hue. If a full on wig is not your style, there are an amazing amount of hairpieces you can choose from. For example, the 10″ lace parting piece pictured below. It sells for $39.95, but listed on blackhairspray for 19.95.

Frankly, it gives me a little shiver thinking of pairing up my outfit with not only shoes and a purse, but now, the hairstyle I’m feeling. After all, our hair does put a stamp on our personality. Dress how you feel.