Being Strong In The Face Of Gender Stereotypes #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA

The past is behind us, and yet, there are still so many hands that keep trying to drag us backwards. One of those hands is gender stereotypes! Unfortunately, our children are being exposed to them, and can be affected by them, as young as six years old.

These days, kids are exposed to so much more, due to all the advances in technology. As a parent, we need to manage exposure and provide good, quality influences, that make our children feel good about who they are and who they want to become.

Young girls are especially affected by gender stereotypes. Netflix programming helps with that, with a variety of strong, young girls. As well, March saw Julie Andrews and Netflix team up with Julie’s Greenroom. It’s a new show advocating for the arts. A way to enhance your childs image with creativity. She’s joined by numerous guests and the Jim Henson Company.

Let’s not stop there though! Women of all ages deal with gender stereotypes. As well, our young boys can be affected. Netflix Canada not only provides entertainment, but provides options to everyone. In other words, your child is exposed to many different worlds, different arts and different dreams. Netflix can help sort out the emotions from thinking differently than your peers. Furthermore, good programming can inspire job ambitions.

Explore the shows your children are watching. Invite questions and encourage their dreams. You may even find a few answers for yourself. Let’s not let gender stereotyping discourage ourselves or are children. Instead, encourage great role models.