When I Was Twenty – My Younger Days

A couple of weeks ago, a reader of mine, posted some old pictures of themselves. You know, those crazy ones that show you in funky clothes, with a funkier hairdo. It got me to thinking about my younger days. Specifically, the year I got married. I was twenty, and the year was 1982.

My Wedding Day - My father-in-law and I. I was twenty

My Father-In-Law and I

Most days, I don’t feel all that different than I did at the time. However, the mirror, my husband, my kids and grandkids, tell a different story. Shockingly, I’m no longer twenty. Seemingly, time has passed by, and the world has changed. In fact, it’s made some dramatic changes. Some for the better. In my opinion, some for the worst too!

For example, there was no such thing as the internet, and you couldn’t take your phone with you. Incidentally, in my house, the phone was for emergencies and making plans. It most definitely was not for general chit chat. On the positive side, parents can now easily keep in touch with their children, and vice versa. No more pay phone excuses. On the negative side, people on their phones all the time!

The Falklands war had just begun. If you can imagine, Bruno Mars had not yet been born and ET was due to be released. Crazy, right? Tell me about it! We listened to albums and 45’s, not cd’s. Thankfully, albums have come back. Not so much, bell bottom pants! Oh the outfits I used to wear!

For the most part, I like this new world. After all, it contains my children and my grandchildren. Occasionally, I do miss some stuff from my past though.

What about you? Do you feel time passing?


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    For me the 80’s were all those matching outfits..tops and bottoms that now make me think we just used curtains for the material (And the styles coming back )

  2. Debbie S. says:

    Oh time is definitely passing. I lost my mom before Christmas and this has brought so many reminiscing memories flooding back. I remember washing and drying dishes by hand at every meal. I remember a bbq meant charcoals and you had to get them hot before you could cook on them . I remember free provincial camping and firewood too. I remember walking to school at a very young age, brought me up street wise.

  3. Do I feel time passing? Loaded question, as today is my 60th birthday. I remember everything you mentioned in your post (and more as I’ve got a few years on you). I also got married in the 80s, I remember loving outfits with shoulder pads, and big teased hair too. And I love that we have Youtube so I can listen to all that great 80’s music when I want.

  4. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I miss so much from the 70’s and 80’s. I was born in 1970 and I don’t really like the way the world is now. (with a few exceptions) I miss people having conversations and looking in someone in the eye instead of staring at the phone and texting. Not to mention people are obsessed with their phones and can’t be without it. Things were so much simpler when we went outside to play and got exercise instead of playing video games and watching tv with 100 channels, although I will say it’s nice to have those options when the politicians are on tv and there was only 5 channels and they were on every channel. Lol I do like the medical breakthroughs that have happened and a lot of other technology breakthroughs but I miss when things were simpler and Oh how I wish I could go back and live it all over again !

  5. Lynda Cook says:

    I actually miss the olden days and wished it was still the simple life!! all this technology it sucks sometimes!!