Best Thai Food In Calgary @JackiesThai #spon

For the most part, my life has literally been meat and potatoes. It’s only been a dozen years since I started eating international cuisine. Those experiences came from travel, spilling over into every day eating. For example, my fish dishes were limited to fish and chips. I’d never eaten sea bass, grouper, red snapper or so many more varieties. In fact, I was afraid to even try cooking them.  Fortunately, one vacation included a cooking class. I learned to cook a delicious salmon! After that, I began experimenting with foods and flavours. I started to enjoy take out from around the world. 

Jackie's Thai Calgary

Most recently, Thai food. It may surprise you to know that my experience with Thai food was limited to a single serving of Pad Thai. Then, I was invited to try Jackie’s Thai. A Calgary restaurant that provides hot, fresh food, catering and frozen meals.

Thai Food ready for freezer

For The Freezer

Simply walking up to Jackie’s Thai, made my senses go into overdrive. My mouth began to water, and frankly, I could of stood there for hours just enveloping myself in such wonderful smells. However, I was there to pick up an assortment of frozen meals to try. The variety they have is outstanding. As well, they have mild, medium and hot dishes to choose from, based on your own pallet. 

more thai food in freezer containers

I was sent home with a mix of mild and medium, which was my choice. I’m a little chicken on the heat. So to start, I thawed out the Chiang Mai soup. It’s the Thai version of chicken noodle. Now, normally, this is served with noodles. However, Jackie’s Thai does not freeze this with the noodles. Their freezer meal is chunks, and I mean chunks, of chicken and one amazing, creamy broth. I gotta tell ya, this was fabulous. The flavour was so rich and beautiful, I wish there’d been more than two servings. Both Larry and I immediately said that this was going to be a regular addition to our freezer!

Jackie's Thai Chiang Mai soup - Thai Food

Next up, Beef Penang. Traditionally, this would be served with rice. However, since Larry and I have really been into sweet potatoes, I decided to serve it that way. Now, the picture may not look the greatest, but oh wow, the flavour was extraordinary. It had a little kick to it, but nothing strong. In fact, the coconut milk balanced this out amazingly! I wanted to sop up the remaining sauce in the pan with a slice of bread. It was that good.

Jackie's Thai Beef Penang

I can’t imagine not having Thai food on my regular menu now. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to discover it. Hopefully, if you’re a resident of Calgary, you’ll drop in and savour a plate full. After eating, I know you’re going to want to grab some for your freezer too!

If you’re a visitor to Calgary, I’m going to recommend this as a “must try” dining experience. We’re just as varied and cultural in food as places like Vancouver and Toronto. You just have to know where to look, and this is one them!