Teens VS Parents – Can You Understand One Another? @Netflix_CA #streamteam #spon

Teens vs parents, that’s exactly how it feels when you’re trying to raise one. It’s a battle where neither party really knows what’s going on in the others mind. Trying to start a conversation can be awkward at best.

You can simply see your teenager stiffen up when you start talking to them. Teens automatically think we’re trying to be nosy. Truth is we are. That’s because we rarely hear anything from them. 

Frankly, younger children are much easier to talk to. They love chatting about their lives. Plus, you can control more of their life. Hitting the teen years means more independence. Admittedly, independence is the end goal when raising children, but it’s a hard path to follow for everyone.

So, how to start a conversation? When to start a conversation? My own personal experience has been, indirectly. Simply put, don’t jump in feet first. For example, if you ask, “how was your day”, most likely you’ll get the answer “fine”. That’s it.  As parents, we’re simply trying to get a grasp on their life. We want to be involved. 

Instead of a direct question, make a general statement. For instance, “Oh hey, I saw that x restaurant just opened up a new restaurant. I wonder what the foods like”. Or maybe, “I could use a knowledgeable opinion on x, wanna help?” 

You need to remember that teens are no different than us. Fact is, they’ve no idea what to talk to us about.

Netflix CA Infographic

A great way to communicate is taking an interest in something they’re interested in. A t.v. show is a great example. My kids still text me, at 30 and 32, to say “OMG did you see the episode of x tonight?”. 

While they were growing up, I’d say things like, “I can’t believe her friend said that to her! That’s not right!” A kind of sneaky way of saying people shouldn’t talk to one another like that. Or, friends don’t treat friends like that. It works! Your teen knows what you’re doing, but they respect that, and they really want to know your thoughts. They just don’t want to ask you.

Netflix Cheat Sheet

Netflix also understands. They’ve created a great cheat sheet of shows for you to watch with your teens. Your teenager is most likely watching many of them already. Share the excitement. You never know what direction it may lead.