Divorce And Children – How To Help

Apparently, 43% of children in America, are growing up with divorced parents. That’s a staggering number. However, that doesn’t mean a child will suffer throughout their life because of it. In fact, the majority of children, will turn out just fine.

It’s a small minority that suffer serious problems. Naturally, at the outset, children can find themselves with anxiety, anger and shock. You may find they have separation anxiety, sleeping troubles or problems at school. This varies from child to child.

In the long run, children are extremely resilient. They’ll bounce back, grow and accomplish, at the same rate as those from a happy marriage.

children and divorce

You can help your child through your divorce with these few tips.

Stay mentally healthy yourself
Don’t dismiss their feelings
Be honest with them, but remember, they don’t need to know all the details
Help them to express their thoughts
Keep it civil in front of the kids
Adhere to a regular routine
Get help! There is no shame in reaching out.
Just remember, as you are feeling pain, so are they. Your child is not a messenger between you and your ex. Nor should they be interrogated after returning home from a visit. This will only cause your child further pain and pressure.