Lottoland And Dreams – Canada Can Play The US Powerball!

Dreams are what makes freedom possible. Freedom to do what makes up happy. Allowing ourselves to dream, creates enthusiasm to try. Without them, there would be no new inventions. There would be no one reaching for the top. It’s how we get ahead.

With dreams, there is hope.

Lottoland where dreams are made

My mom and I used to chat about our dreams. She’d tell me about her thoughts growing up. All the things she did, and all the things she wanted to do. In return, I did the same. As many do, we talked about the “what ifs”. What if we won the Lotto? We’d laugh and discuss the possibilities. You know, being able to help friends and family accomplish their own dreams. The desire to travel and see the world. Having more choices in life. I miss those chats now she’s gone. It was fun.

game card for US powerball

Occasionally, usually when the jackpot is high, Larry and I will buy a ticket on the Lotto Max. You never know. Besides, you can’t win if you don’t play. I’ve watched people line up for hours to buy a ticket for big jackpots. For instance, the US Powerball! It can get huge!! Frankly, I wouldn’t stand in line that long for a ticket. Plus, I don’t live close enough to the US border to make it worth while popping over, just to buy a ticket.

However, there’s now a new way for those of us in Canada who’d like to buy a ticket now and then. It’s called Lottoland. Here’s how it works.

  1. You sign up with Lottoland and receive your player id
  2. Add money to your account
  3. View the many jackpots and scratch cards available.
  4. Make your choice and pick your numbers.

purchases I made at Lottoland

Once you’ve done this, Lottoland will send you a confirmation email of the tickets you have purchased. After the draw, it will send you another email letting you know if you have won any money on the draws. Now, you are not actually purchasing a ticket on the “real” draw, you are betting on what you think the numbers will be. If you’re correct, Lottoland will pay you directly. They are fully insured for winnings and will deposit them into your account. At this point, you can withdraw them to your bank account, or, use your winnings for additional draws. For example, I bought 10 scratch tickets for €1. I won .50. It was instantly added to my account.

horseshoe scratchcards online

I purchased a ticket (one bet), on the US powerball outcome. I also bought one on the megamillions. Again, you never know.

megamillions form for lottoland

It’s a fun way to dream, as long as you have a limit! A couple of dollars a week to play a scratch card or enter one of the huge jackpots. Perhaps if you win, you’ll take me on vacation too!

BitsNBitesWithTina wants you to know, if you gamble, gamble responsibly. Online gaming is for adults only.


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    My husbands workplace actually has offices in the US so they can be part of the lotto pool there as well as in the Canadian one …I have to admit I like to play Max when its 30 or higher