May Was Vacation Time #pictures #video

If you follow me on Instagram, you may of seen me posting a few vacation pictures. Larry and I took off earlier this month, to a favourite spot of ours, Mexico. Specifically, The Finest Resort in Playa Mujeres.

the view at breakfast on vacation

Traveling to Mexico is so relaxing. When your vacation includes the ocean, life is good. Warm temperatures, ocean breezes and long walks on the beach, heal. I’ve been needing to heal. However, that’s a post for another day. Today is all about vacation. This time, we did it a little differently. Usually, our entire week is spent on the resort. Frankly, we’ve been to Mexico so many times, that day trips don’t have the same pull. 

sailing across the ocean

Fortunately, for our 35th wedding anniversary, Larry decided to book us an excursion across to Isla Mujeres. A quick ferry ride across from Playa Mujeres. Although, we took a catamaran. A gorgeous 45 footer, that took us across and allowed time for snorkelling, as well as a lazy jump overboard, to just float along in the water, or, enjoy a little paddle boarding before reaching the other side. 

playa norte at Isla Mujeres

Once we docked, we had two hours to ourselves to explore the tiny island. Simply beautiful! The island is approximately 5 miles long and only half a mile across. We were thrilled to saunter down the street, checking out the Mexican stalls and local grocery shops? The smells coming from small restaurants, made your mouth water. We didn’t stop to eat though, because our final destination was Playa Norte or North Beach. It was certainly worth the walk. Real blue water, fine white sand and a calm ocean. Spectacular to view and I could laze around there for days. Although, I only had an hour left to meander and dream.

On the return across to Playa Mujeres, the crew cut the engine and set the sails. It was a luxurious return. So peaceful and calming.

Since I can’t take you all, I want you to have a brief view of what I saw. Perhaps you’ll want to bookmark this page for when you need a soothing moment. Enjoy the video and replay as many times as you like. 

spot the bird

Spot the bird? These are the rocks down by the Marina

Focus on the pictures below and let your mind explore the possibilities. Vacation is a necessary part of life. If you can’t get away where you want to, let it come to you in video and pictures. Regenerate and relax. Life is short.


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    wow, nice, we went camping and I had fun on the long weekend….Hope you share more vacation stuff

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    The small island looks and sounds amazing!!