What’s Your Families TV Prime Time? @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Growing up, we didn’t have a tv prime time. We had 3 channels and not a whole lot of choice. On the other hand, my children had tv prime time twice. Once on Saturday mornings for cartoons, and then again late afternoons for kids shows.

prime time viewing then and now

Now, however, your tv prime time, can be, well, anytime. In fact, every member of the family can have their own prime time. Isn’t it wonderful? Netflix Canada gives you the opportunity to view what you want, when you want it. If you’re like me, that’s late night, when the house is quiet. Then again, I enjoy the cardinal sin of watching tv in bed with my hubby. That’s earlier in the evening, since he tends to nod off sooner than me. At nine-ish, we’ll crawl into bed with a snack and devour shows like Scandal. Sadly, we binge watched that one and are now up to date.

I rarely watch morning tv. Again, I’m a late nighter. However, I could if I wanted to. Netflix is on 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Frankly, tv prime time is pretty perfect these days. Scheduling is up to you. There is one little problem though, children. Yes, when you have kids, there’s bound to be squabbling over what to watch. Unless they each have their own tv, it’s a problem.

Netflix Spinner

Hold on, looks like Netflix has you covered there too! Check out this awesome spinner. You can choose your favourite shows, well, the kids can, and place them on the spinner board. Each child gets a spin. Where it will land, nobody knows, but, the choice is made for them. Fantastic, right!?? Download the two pages, choose from the options, or make your own, and attach to the board. Now, it won’t solve all their squabbles, but it may create a little peace in the family.

School will be out for summer real soon. Although you want your kids outdoors and moving, there will be rainy days too. That’s where Netflix educational programming comes in. Lots of their shows are great learning experiences for kids. Therefore, school is in at home, and they won’t even know it! Plus, Netflix has some new shows for them too! There’s season 1 of Free Rein and Little Witch. Along with, season 2 of World of Winx.

Prime Time, anytime, rules!