Childrens Teachers, Gift Giving And You – Consider This Before You Buy

June is the month where parents begin to think about their childrens teachers. Gift giving has become a common practice. However, before you buy, you should consider a few things.

First, most teachers have accumulated an abundance of coffee mugs, candles, creams and nick knacks. Although they highly appreciate anything you and your child wish to give, there are some things you can only handle so many of.

Also, baked goods. Not a great idea, unless you really know your childrens teachers. There are so many possible allergies to consider. It would be a terrible waste for all that goodness to get trashed.

So, how about considering having your child write a personal thank you note? Get them to write about the top three things they learned this year. Or, perhaps the top three things they enjoyed most during the school year. Everyone loves to be appreciated!

If you still want to purchase something, make it small. Perhaps a gift card for Tims, Second Cup or Starbucks. They don’t have to enjoy coffee to enjoy this card.

Next, a gift card to Staples. Teachers always run out of items for the classroom.

Not into gift cards? How about taking a real look at the classroom? What do you see a lot of? Maybe there are markers, construction paper, paints, notebooks, paper clips, paint brushes, chalk and well, an endless list actually.

Grab a box and make a trip to the store. Look for end of the school year bargains. Have your child involved. After all, they know exactly what goes on in the classroom year round. Believe me, a box like that will be highly appreciated.

Seriously, the best gift for a teacher, is knowing they’re making a difference. Knowing you understand the school process, and what it takes to keep the classroom running.

In this way, you’re thanking them for the work with your children, along with helping them to help the next classroom that comes along.

Just food for thought.


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    I think a donation of books is always nice !! Or board games for the kids. I once donated some educational board games (flip card style) ..sometimes there are cold days where they kids arent allowed outside, the buses arent running and its only the town kids. My hubby also does wood working so one year we donated this huge dinosaur thats a click type /put together thing LOL..its in the library..grades 6 put it together and now its on display