Canada Day Is Coming! Here’s What I’m Wearing #shoes #Tips

Canada day is this weekend. We’re 150 years old, and I think that’s fabulous! We happen to have the good fortune to live in a great country. For instance, where else in the world but Canada, can you find such beauty? Our land mass is huge and we occupy so little of it. Therefore, we get to admire the views on a regular basis. From parks, to beaches, to mountains, we have it all.

I’m proud to be Canadian!

red high heeled shoes for Canada Day

This Canada Day, you’ll find me sporting the colours of Canada in my favourite shoes. Now, I’ve had these shoes for some time, but, I’ve barely worn them. The reason being is, they hurt my feet. I have a wide foot. So, I wear them only for very short periods of time. However, that’s about to change.

I saw a few tips and tricks for stretching out your shoes. One of them struck a chord with me. Freezing your shoes with water in them. Of course, water expands when frozen! Naturally, I decided to give this a try.

getting my shoes ready for the freezer

First, I grabbed a couple of freezer bags. Sandwich bags would work, but I didn’t have any. Anyway, I placed a cup of water in each bag, removed the air, and tied them with a shoestring. Since I didn’t have a small bag, I wanted to make sure the water stayed in a small space.

stretching out my shoes with water bags

Next, I placed the bags inside the shoes and popped them into my fridge freezer overnight. I could not wait to see the results! However, patience was needed. The next day, I tried them on and could feel the difference, but of course they were stiff. So, I had to wait for them to unthaw, to really feel the stretch. It was awesome! They stretched both in width and height! Now, I can wear them as often as I want. This trick is a keeper.


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    OMG I saw that hack as well and thought..hey, should give that a try (wide foot girl here, prob why I love skechers so much, cus they have wide models for me) …can’t wear heels though cus of my “arch”…look like they are nice though