Summertime Fun – My Adventures 2017 Part 1

You may of noticed a lack of posts this summer. That’s because summertime is meant to be outdoor time. Sunshine, family, friends and fun. So far, I’ve been having an amazing bunch of summertime fun.

grandkids in the pool summertime 2017


We’ve played games like Jenga, checkers and go fish with family. Of course, that was on indoor days! Fortunately, there have been many more outdoor days which called for the little pool and BBQ. Admittedly, my summertime fun began a little early. I couldn’t resist all the fantastic weather we were having and it began in June! After lasts years events, rain and more rain, this was a wonderful change.

Calgary Police Band

However, July really kicked it off. First it was the Calgary Stampede, and the parties that go with it. An extraordinary amount of entertainment for 10 days. Plus, you can find it at any time of day that works for you.

dexter and I summertime 2017

Next, our grand puppy came to visit for two weeks. Now, my daughter always rolls her eyes when I call him that. Too bad! Dexter knows he’s a grand puppy and loves his sleepovers. Grandma tends to spoil him with his favourites, such as, watermelon and cooked broccoli stems. Who doesn’t need a little spoiling?

Naturally, the fun continued with my grandchildren, who I adore, bbq’s with friends and family, and of course, planning August adventures. Not to mention, a huge, I mean huge wind up to the summertime fun for me. That occurs in September. I’ll post about it for sure.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your summer as much as I am. You’ll see a tad more of me this month, but not too much. I’ll be back in full swing soon. Relax, have fun and live life to the fullest.