Being Smoke Free For Ten Years

Being Smoke Free

Ten years ago, my youngest was pregnant with my granddaughter. Myself, I was feeling tired and dreading a trip to the dental surgeon. Frankly, it was summer, and who wants to see a dentist in the summer? As luck would have it, I never made it out of the dentist chair.

You see, I broke their blood pressure machine. To be exact, three of them. Apparently, I was 217/180. In other words, not good. Next thing I know, I’m being rushed to my doctors office. Yay, no dental surgery, just a little thing called high blood pressure.

All this fuss lead to numerous tests, medications, a cardiologist, rest and the desperate need to quit smoking. We’re not joking here. At least, that’s what I was told. Strangely, although tired, I didn’t feel “sick”.

The silent killer!

However, I’d tried quitting many times. Nothing worked. As luck would have it, my doctor was one of the ones involved in the year long trial of Chantix. He prescribed it to me with the following instructions.

“Ignore the instructions on the package, and just take the medication and smoke. You will quit.”

Now, I’m not advocating you do this. First thing to remember, is always follow your doctors instructions. Especially when it comes to the silent killer! However, for myself it worked. In fact, it worked so easily, that my husband was impressed himself, and went to the doctors.

Within two weeks, I’d quit without realizing it and here I am, ten years later, still smoke free. It’s a wonderful feeling.  As a result, my lungs are healing themselves, and in five more years, it will be as if I’d never smoked at all.

Obviously, I’m proud of this accomplishment. After all, who wouldn’t be?


  1. I’m scare of the side effect of Chantix. How long did you take it?

    I have been trying to quit for a year. I try slowing down, I read the book the Easy way to quit twice, I made it to 5PM without a smoke but I was going crazy. I try the patch bad headache. I try the gum, it suppress the craving but bad hard burn.

    • Hi Carole, I tried so many things before the Chantix. Same type of affects as you. I took the Chantix for a total of 12 weeks. However, I was quit smoking after 2 weeks. I made no plan, like they tell you to. My doctor told me to simply take them and smoke. Worked for me and worked for husband who smoked 2 packs a day. My husband had a few strange dreams but I didn’t. I was thrilled! Let me know if you begin this, I’ll be happy to chat with you through out.