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A number of years ago, a company called Oxygen Plus was born. It developed an easy, portable way to carry and use oxygen. They began with a single, award winning product, and have since moved forward with many different products. Their newest one has just launched and we’ll be telling you all about it at the party.

So, why do you need this product when you breathe oxygen in the air everyday? Well, have you ever seen someone using an oxygen tank? Usually, it’s the elderly. My father in laws girlfriend had to drag one around with her everywhere she went. Hospitals use oxygen for patients who are having difficulty breathing. Oxygen Plus provides oxygen for those who find themselves out of breath, tired, suffering from jet lag and more.

Oxygen Plus Skinni

Oxygen Plus Skinni

Think of it like this. Have you ever had an energy drink? Well, oxygen plus provides the same boost without the side effects. Plus, it’s zero calories. If you exercise, play sports or enjoy the outdoors, you’ll find Oxygen Plus will help revive you with just a few short breaths.

I know you want to learn more, so, we’re having a twitter party. You’ll learn a lot more, are free to ask questions and, of course, we’ll have prizes. In fact, we’ll have ten of them. Now, set aside one hour on Thursday, September 7th at 8pm est, sign up below, then join us for some fun. Remember, you must be following myself, and oxygen plus in order to win. Use the hashtag for every comment or rt you make.

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