Garth Brooks Wraps Up My Summer

In case you didn’t know, Garth Brooks played 7 fabulous concerts here in Calgary last week. Larry and I both had him on our bucket list of “must see” concerts. Originally, he scheduled one show. However, as Garth Brooks is known to do, he kept scheduling shows as each one sold out.

A picture of Gart Brooks on stage

Fortunately for Larry and I, Larry got online to purchase at seemingly the right time. He had his phone going and his laptop going. That way, he had two shots at tickets. Unbelievably, his phone kicked in with tickets. His laptop just kept spinning as he was in the que.

My phone rang and it was a stoked Larry calling to say we landed tickets to the second scheduled show. So exciting! Then, unbelievably, my phone rang again two minutes later. Just as Larry had hung up, his laptop kicked in. There were tickets available for the third scheduled concert. Plus it was on the same day. A pair of afternoon tickets, as well as a pair of evening tickets. Should we make it a full day? What the heck, Garth Brooks day it is.

Let me tell you it was freakin amazing!! We had a blast! Probably the best concert I’ve been to in years! A definite must see if he shows up in your area! He played the old, the new and the favourites. Trisha Yearwood performed 4 songs as well. Absolutely spectacular and extremely well priced at $80 a seat.

I simply couldn’t of had a better summer this year! Plus, it looks like summer temperatures are going to hang around for a while longer. Hopefully, every one of you have enjoyed a fantastic summer as well.



  1. I heard he puts on a great show, glad you got to see him!!

  2. wendy Hutton says:

    Wow,have a great day !