Cleaning May Be Necessary But It Sucks

Cleaning may be necessary, but Im getting so tired of it! Every day it’s same thing. You go around picking up crap and putting it back where it belongs. Then you load the dishwasher with dishes that materialized overnight. Next, you get to clean up the rest of the kitchen which got destroyed before breakfast.

If that’s not enough, you now get to choose, laundry first or bathroom. Perhaps the floors. Wait, do the sheets need changing today?

Maybe you open the fridge  only to remember you need to go grocery shopping. Personally, I’d rather grocery shop than dust. I hate dusting! Ugh!

when you try to keep your bathroom clean - cleaning tips

Sometimes I get desperate and post a sign on one of the bathrooms I just cleaned. “Clean! Don’t use til I say it’s ok” Seriously, I’d just like to clean something and have it stay that way for ten minutes! Unbelievably, there are just two of us the majority of the time! How’d I ever keep up when the kids were home full time?

Honestly though, I do have a couple of tricks I’ve learned over the years to break it down. Like, do one load of laundry a day. This accomplishes two things. One, I don’t start screaming at never ending laundry that I fold nicely and immediately gets shoved into a drawer any which way. Two, it forces people to wear other clothes they have, rather than just their favourites.

I’d love to know what secrets you have, besides a cleaning lady. LOL Share people!


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    hmmm , lol, I clean a food manufacturing plant for a living and some days it takes us literally 10 hrs to get it done. We have one machine that takes one person 5 hrs to clean. ..yeah, cleanings fun

  2. Haha, don’t we all just hate cleaning; but you’re right, it’s completely necessary. My biggest tip would be to clean up a mess before it becomes too much of a burden. So basically, I never let my house get too messy.