Halloween – Should Big Kids Trick Or Tweet?

Recently, a small town in Canada, Bathurst, has suggested that 16 is too old for trick-or-treating at halloween, and wants to establish an 8pm curfew. Also, they want to create a $200 fine for anyone caught breaking the rule. Although not yet finalized, they expect it to be, before the end of October.

childs halloween pumpkin bucket for trick or treating

Now, I started thinking about this. At first, I thought, yeah, 16 is too old. However, a ban, curfew and fine? I’m not sure. Then, I started thinking harder. It’s true that the bigger kids can be annoying. After all, they push past the little kids, make a lot of noise etc. Then again, if they’re having fun, not causing any real trouble, should we really stop them? I mean, I’d personally rather have them knocking on my door, looking for candy, than causing real trouble somewhere else in the city.

As well, having raised two children of my own, I understand that kids grow out of things at their own pace. Plus, telling them no, subjecting them to a curfew and fining them, is probably going to cause a rebellion. Is it worth it? 

I say no, it’s just not worth it it. In fact, I think it’s absurd to say. What do you, my readers think? 


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    I think they should be able to trick or treat…I always give them treats even if they are just there walking a sibling and not dressed up!! And I think that adults who think that kids that age shouldnt dress up have NEVER BEEN TO A COMIC CON lol…I know of TONS of people who love to dress up in character and have FUN.