Halloween Is Better With Grandkids

Halloween is not my favourite day. I don’t decorate the house, or carve a pile of pumpkins. However, I love pumpkin pie, but that’s beside the point.

halloween pumpkinsPumpkins Courtesy of my Youngest Daughter

Some people like to put up spider webs, creepy crawlies, ghosts and ghouls. They decorate their yards like graveyards, and play ghastly music and sounds. Somehow, it’s supposed to be fun to be scared. I’ve never seen the joy that in that. Sure, you can have fun being scared, like on a roller coaster. However, zombies that chase you or clowns that want to chop you up? Just not my thing.

What is my Halloween thing, is cute kids, in adorable costumes. Especially if those kids are my grandchildren. There’s nothing more fun than living through the eyes of a child. Seeing everything for the first time. This year will be my grandsons first “real” Halloween. Ok, not real, real. Last year was his first, but this is his first time going out. I’m sure he won’t realize what’s going on, but he’ll want to join in anyway. He’s that kind of kid. Apparently, he’ll be dressed as a pirate. Actually, I know that because I got a sneek peek.

Cute, right? I’m soooo  looking forward to heading out with him, my daughter and his dad. Unfortunately, grandpa will have to stay home and hand out candy. Which is ok, because he adores doing it and seeing all the different costumes. Plus, he’ll see our grandson before and after.

On that note, stay safe, make sure your children can be seen and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN