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Over the years, I’ve bought hundreds, if not thousands, of pairs of socks. Everything from work socks, to sport socks, and non slid socks for my children and grandchildren. Many, many times, McGregor socks made their way into my shopping cart. That’s because they’re not only cozy and comfy, they are a quality product that was born right here in Canada! I love Canadian goods, especially when they are of this calibre!

McGregor socks for Christmas

I’m thrilled to announce that this year, McGregor socks have made their way into my Countdown to Christmas. This year, I was lucky enough to review select Christmas socks for this years Holiday Season. Now, if you’re like me, socks make their way into Christmas stockings. Santa knows exactly what the little and big kids want, and they want fun socks to wear. I’m practical, fun is awesome, but they need to wash and wear.

Happy Foot Product from McGregor Socks

If you’re not familiar with McGregor, now is the time to find out a little more. In the 1930’s, this brand produced the Happy Foot, a health sock which “was unique in its terry cushion sole, pattern, and sanitized process that fights athlete’s foot and prevents odours“. You can still buy this product. It’s that good! That in itself, should tell you that McGregor is dedicated to consistent, quality products. When they make something, you can count on it!

Naughty and Nice socks from McGrogor socks for Christmas 2017

Perhaps you’re more interested in how they feel when you slip them on. Simply put, soft. They fit the way a sock should. I find McGregor socks to stay put, without cutting off the circulation in your legs. They come in long or short lengths, and will keep your feet warm throughout our long, cold winters. McGregor is about more, however, and I want you to see all the amazing styles they have. So, pop on over, take a look around their website, and see what catches your eye. Then, using the form below, enter for your chance to win, a gift basket of these awesome, Christmas socks.

Sorry, this giveaway is only open to residents of Canada and will close on December 18th, 2017.


  1. I have never orderedfrom them! I really like the looks of the Weekender socks

  2. Mcgregor is our go-to brand for socks -hubby won’t wear anything else!

  3. Carol Denny says:

    They are the family favorite socks.

  4. Alison Braidwood says:

    I do have several pairs of McGregor socks (they look like Weekenders, from the pictures on the website). They’re cosy, and don’t slide down in my winter boots (huge pet peeve of mine).

  5. Tara Betterley says:

    I actually like the Weekender collection.. I was eyeing them in the store the other day! They look so comfy.

  6. Amy Heffernan says:

    I have never had a pair. They look comfy and they have many many styles.

  7. Florence Cochrane says:

    We have always purchased McGregor Socks. We love the cushion sole in the socks.

  8. I love their weekender socks been buying them for years, they are comfortable and not too tight. I also buy my husband some but not sure what they are called.

  9. I haven’t purchased McGregor socks but I would love a pair with the cushion sole!

  10. Rosanne Robinson says:

    Both my Dad & Husband wear McGregor socks exclusively, so I’ve been purchasing them for decades!

  11. Oh yes, I have purchased McGregor Socks before.
    I love the Black& white sox from the 1st picutre

  12. Christine Murray says:

    No I have not purchased any before but would love to test them out.The Classic Canadian Casual Sock is my favourite from their website.

  13. I have never purchased McGregor Socks before and love their Happy Foot socks because of their cushioned soles, smooth toe seams and comfort cuffs.

  14. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) says:

    I have, but not for a while. I like that they’re such good quality and the don’t stretch out.

  15. Jeannie Lam says:

    I love their Happy foot socks!

  16. Christine Holliday says:

    I love the fact that they are non binking/elastic leg..I have such trouble with my feet (nueropathy) I have never tried McGregor’s before but sure would love to!

  17. I’ve worn the McGregor brand black women’s dress socks for years. Nice and soft.

  18. I’ve never purchased McGregor Socks before but have heard great things! My favourite socks are the Weekender by McGregor socks.
    Kim K recently posted..http://www.tugraav.comMy Profile

  19. I love my McGregor socks. My favourite are the cushion sole socks.

  20. I have bought the McGregor socks I would love to have the

  21. Yes I have purchased McGregor socks. I really like their Weekender Collection.

  22. Tammy Dalley says:

    I love the weekender socks!
    Tammy Dalley recently posted..panni in microfibraMy Profile

  23. I have purchased McGregor socks before. I love their Weekender line

  24. Chandra O'Connor says:

    I have bought them before I like the weekenders for women

  25. i have not worn them, howver, I have gifted them to my son before, he really likes the fun colors and prints.

  26. Travelbuds says:

    No I haven’t. Their socks look amazing.

  27. I haven’t had the pleasure of purchasing a pair but love the look of the Weekender Collection!

  28. sarah alexis says:

    I have never had a pair of McGregors before. I would love a pair of The original Happy Foot!!!!

  29. I have one pair of McGregor socks – I love that they are super comfy, and have fun designs!

  30. I’ve never purchased them before, but I plan to in the future. I like the terry cushion sole for added comfort and shock absorption

  31. No. I haven’t purchased McGregor socks before. I do like the fact that they are non-binding legs.

  32. We have a few pairs of McGregor socks and like the fact that they do not bind around your calves.

  33. I have purchased then for my son and I like the Original Happy foot socks. They are so comfy.

  34. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I haven’t purchased these before but would love to try them. I love the idea of the cushioned sole.

  35. Doris Calvert says:

    My husband and I love the Hilfiger socks

  36. We used to buy them all the time as a kid but I’d forgotten all about them I love that they’re Canadian!

  37. Sunshine G says:

    We love them – my husband wore them at our wedding!

  38. We love McGregor socks. The Happy Feet socks are our favorite!

  39. I haven’t purchased McGregor socks yet but I would love to.

  40. Jennifer Ann Wilson says:

    We always buy McGregor socks. I love that they have cushioned soles.

  41. I have not tried their socks before. I really like their Weekender Collection

  42. I’m not sure if I’ve ever purchased them as there have been many socks in my life too. I like the weekender brand.

  43. We often by McGregor socks. All of the styles are great

  44. Catherine Robichaud says:

    I have never tried their socks but I have bought them for my sons. I love that they all have cushioned soles and non-elastic legs.

  45. Love the variety and quality of their products 🙂

  46. I like the weekenders but doesn’t everyone love the Happy Foot. We purchase McGregor socks!

  47. Deanna Barkley says:

    I definitely have bought McGregor socks. They make great gifts. I would like to try the McGregor weekend collection for women. Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. I have purchased their socks many times & like them for their excellent fit and good quality. The weekender ones are my personal favourite.

  49. Maritess S says:

    I have not purchased socks from them but love the looks of their socks especially the Weekender

  50. Haven’t ordered before.

  51. I have bought them before. I like the weekender collection

  52. i like the happyfoot with the cushioned sole

  53. Elizabeth R says:

    I have given McGregor socks as a gift, and like the weekender collection for me.

  54. Wendy Jensen says:

    I have purchased McGregor Socks before. I visited their website and what I like is that you can find a retailer.

  55. I have not tried their socks but i really love the wide variety of socks they have, i really like their happy foot line

  56. Darlene Schuller says:

    I have never purchased them, but I love that they come in so many variety and styles!

  57. Catherine L. says:

    No I haven’t but I like the look of the Terry cushion sole.

  58. the weekender selection

  59. I would love some Christmas socks! Sock it to me.

  60. I have not ordered from them but I love all the different designs !!

  61. I have yet to own a pair, but I’ve heard they are great and I’ve added them to my Christmas wish list

  62. Dwayne Taylor says:

    what a great Christmas giveaway !!!! Great job !!! And no I have not purchased McGregor Socks before.

  63. Purchased the ‘Weekender’ socks

  64. Carol Ann Westbrook says:

    I have often purchased McGregor Socks for my husband. They have always been excellent and durable, and are offered in many plain and patterns. I love the newest patterns….fun designs!

  65. I love the weekender socks! They are instantly relaxing!

  66. I’ve worn McGregor socks before, and I really like their Weekender line.

  67. I have not tried them but their happy foot socks look amazing!

  68. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I have not tried out their socks yet, but I love the ultra fresh socks.

  69. I’ve never purchased McGregor socks. I really like their Weekender Collection.

  70. We have never tried the McGregor socks. I would love to try out the Weekender socks.

  71. No i never tried McGregor socks. I like the Mc Greggor socks!

  72. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I have never bought them before but I do really like all the different styles they offer

  73. Theresa Jones says:

    Yes I have and still do purchase them for the cushioned soles

  74. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    I like the cushion sole, comfort cuffs, non-binding legs

  75. never purchased, like the Happy Foot dot Crew

  76. Carol McCann says:

    Happy socks make you happy warm and cozy

  77. I am not sure if I have bought McGregor socks or not but I saw on their site that they make Tommy Hilfiger socks and that’s the only brand of socks my oldest son will wear so I likely have bought them before.

  78. I love that they are a Canadian company! My hubby loves them!

  79. Dale Steele Nicolov says:

    I love the cushion sole comfort socks.I have bought McGregors before.They are great socks,do not cut off your circulation and last a longtime

  80. Sharon Thurston says:

    Would like to try the Weekender socks. Looks very comfortable and warm

  81. Kathy Rinaldi says:

    I love the cushion sole in McGregor Socks!

  82. Kathleen Roffey says:

    I’ve bought them for my husband. He loves how comfy they are

  83. debby kellner says:

    McGregor socks…….yes please!! Warm! Cold wouldn’t dare cross the McGegor!

  84. sharon hillyer says:

    My husband has only worn “happy feet” socks since we met over 30 years ago. They come in the larger shoe size which he loves

  85. Susanne McCarthy says:

    We have! It is also the only brand of socks that my grandfather will wear. Comfortable for him with non-binding tops and a great selection of colours and patterns for all members of our family!

  86. My family has been wearing McGregor socks for a few years now. I love the Weekender socks the best

  87. thomas rusinak says:

    The girl wearing socks and drinking coffee ..the socks make her legs look really nice!

  88. Mark Martin says:

    I like the cushioned sole.

  89. I have not tried them yet – but I would love to try some of the weekender socks

  90. Graham Lindfield says:

    These look great – very comfy!!

  91. I have tried their sock before. My husband loves the CUSHION SOLE socks.

  92. Clay Spero says:

    Socks look great! Just in Time for Christmas !

  93. I certainly have bought Happy Foot socks many times… I love that they were founded in Canada !

  94. Never visited McGregor socks before, but I like the weekend socks

  95. Nicole Jubleew says:

    I own a couple of pairs of McGregor socks and they’re great! I love their Weekender cotton socks!

  96. Jenny Major says:

    I like the Weekender collection

  97. Yes I’ve bought McGregor socks before and after seeing their Cushion Sole Comfort Sock on their web page I think I will go and get a pair of these to try out.

  98. Nathalie Lebeau says:

    Never tried them but that cushioned sole.. oh gosh, how wonderful! My feet are always hurting!

  99. Karley Moore says:

    I love the McGregor Weekender line. They make great socks!

  100. I have not purchased McGregor socks before.
    I like the weekender socks. Every day is a weekend for me.

  101. Chris Anderson says:

    Oh wow I never realized McGregor socks were Canadian made – even more reason to buy them now. They are my favourite kind of socks – I always wear their dress socks because they are so comfy. These ones look so festive and awesome!

  102. I have heard of them but never purchased before. The original mcgregor or happy foot sounds nice.

  103. Heather Swanson says:

    Yes I have bought them I like the original cushioned sole.

  104. Scott MacMillan says:

    I buy a lot of their socks for the comfort.I like the weekenders

  105. Mary Jaglowitz says:

    As I am diabetic I am interested in your non-binding socks. Love all the designs.

  106. I have bought a lot of McGregor socks as it’s my husbands favourite brand. I especially like the non-elastic tops, they allow for better circulation.

  107. I have never bought them before. I love the weekender socks! They look comfy

  108. Sharon Gilroy-Dreher says:

    Love their Happy Foot socks.

  109. haven’t bought them before. they look great, especially the original Happy Foot socks. thanks
    l p recently posted..Maria HeloísaMy Profile

  110. Claire Estabrooks says:

    Never had a pair but never too late to fall in love!

  111. Linda Svarovsky says:

    I like their weekender socks.

  112. I have never worn their socks, but their original Happy Foot socks with their toe custioning look comfy

  113. McGregor socks are the best! Both my hubby and my son wear them all the time!

  114. No i have never ordered from McGregor Socks but after visiting their website i’m impressed with the wide selection of prints

  115. I have worn MacGregor socks. I love the pretty, fun patterns and great quality that this brand offers.

  116. Josie Tusa says:

    I have never purchased McGregor socks before. I love their Christmas socks! They are too cute.
    Josie Tusa recently posted..My Home TownMy Profile

  117. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    No I’ve not bought any of their socks up to now. I didn’t realise that the firm was nearly 90 yrs old nor that they also make socks for a number of fashion firms eg Calvin Klein. I like most of their styles and designs and would love to own some of their socks. 🙂 The original Happy Foot would be the first I’d like to try.

  118. I love their socks, especially the Weekenders. Have never purchased through the website though.

  119. Yes I have bought them before. I would like to try the CUSHION SOLE

  120. Yes, like The Weekender.

  121. Heather Tobin says:

    I haven’t tried them before but they look fabulous!

  122. TERRY ANN ADAMO says:

    I have never heard of them but I am always on the hunt for quality sox!

  123. Michelle T says:

    Not that I am aware of but these look super fun! I love the classic Weekender range – they look very cosy and comfortable.

  124. Carol Barrette says:

    WOW! After reading all these great comments, I’m looking forward to trying McGregor Socks..and it helps when that is my great grandmothers name

  125. Virginia R says:

    I do not believe I have ever owned any McGregor Socks. I would enjoy wearing the Happy Foot because of the cushion sole. I’m on my feet most of the day.

  126. love your comfort and style of socks..I buy them for the boys every year at Christmas..They are strong long lasting socks.

  127. I would Share the socks and I have the perfect person to give the naughty ones to lol.
    Thank you for the chance to enter.
    Monique Reid recently posted..FrankMy Profile

  128. I’ve never had a pair of McGregor’s socks but I love the look of the Weekender socks.

  129. The McGregor socks look so comfy, I have never ordered or bought anything from McGregor… but I hear many great things about the socks. I like the weekender collection.

  130. Melissa Graham says:

    I have never bought McGregor socks, IWould like to try them . 🙂

  131. Dodi Tugnette says:

    Would love to try these..thanks for the chance…fingers x’d. Merry Christmas!

  132. I haven’t ordered from them but I am very interested in doing so! I love that they offer socks with cushion soles and comfort cuffs!

  133. I have not purchased from them before. I love how they have a cushion sole!

  134. I like the original Happy Foot line of socks.

  135. Lisa Rumolo says:

    I have purchased them before for my dad. I like the no elastic top. I also like the great colours and patterns

  136. I have bought the Weekender and Happy Foot socks before.
    I love that you can get the ones that don’t leave marks around your leg.

  137. Love the Happy Feet socks and would like to try others

  138. Gillian Morgan says:

    I never ordered from them. I love their prints.

  139. I liked the original Happy Foot line of socks.

  140. Orna Soref says:

    No My favourite is the no elastic leg

  141. Amber Clouthier says:

    I would love to share these! Socks are such a great gift….now that I am an adult!

  142. Samantha Brown says:

    I haven’t purchased Mc Gregor’s yet, it is on the kids wish list.

  143. JoAnne Hudy says:

    I’ve bought many Happy Foot socks over the years, but they’re not available near my town anymore.

  144. Kitsa Tsivoulas says:

    I love the cushioned sole socks 🙂

  145. I haven’t yet bought McGregor socks before. I like the hardy looking weekender socks.

  146. Never bought McGregor socks before but am now going to look into finding them at Simons and the Bay. I like the comfort soul that absorbs the shock. I also love the different patterns available.

  147. Susan Stirling says:

    I have; I am lucky enough to have a nephew I adore and though he is a grown man now, he still loses socks in the wash, so it is my go-to gift for him!

  148. I have never had McGregor socks for me but I have bought them for hubby many times.
    I would love to have some funky striped or festive sockes.

  149. Yes I have purchased McGregor Socks many times they are great quality and very comfortable on the feet . They were also the official socks for my kid’s school uniforms. I really like the Happy Foot with so many looks and they stay up , and the weekender for extra chilly days.

  150. erin mcsweeney says:

    I have not purchased them before…and i’m very excited for the retro line that is coming in 2018

  151. Brittany Goodwin says:

    I have never ordered from them before but like the look of the comfort toe happy foot!

  152. I have been buying them for years and love the quality.

  153. I’ve never bought socks from them before but the cushioned sole ones look divine!!

  154. I’ve never bought socks from them before. Would love to try out the ones with the cushion sole!

  155. Mary Boudreau says:

    Yes I’ve purchased McGregor socks and my fave is the original Happy Foot

  156. I haven’t bought socks from McGregor before. I like the Happy foot socks.

  157. MacGregor Christmas Socks giveaway! My dream contest. I love MacGregor socks 🧦❤️

  158. I love everything about these socks

  159. TJ Turnbull says:

    I love the cushion sole socks, they look so cozy but I have never tried them before

  160. The choices of patterns on these socks is wonderful. My husband likes your Non-Binding Leg because of his diabetes. Thanks for the chance to win great socks.

  161. Chantal Thibault-Fray says:

    I really like The Weekender Collection, I have purchased Work Socks for My Husband and Dad from McGregor Socks!

  162. i have never bought but i do like all the different colors and patterns theat make socks fun

  163. Karla Sceviour says:

    no,I have never purchased McGregor socks before,but I love all the selection! I love the happy foot socks!

  164. Jennifer C. says:

    I have not purchased from them before. I’m not sure why not… because they sound amazing! I like the idea of the cushion sole. The camping socks pictured on the website are adorable (here is the link: ).

  165. Michelle Koller says:

    I have purchased from them before. I love their Happy foot socks

  166. Debbie Browne says:

    I have bought Happy Foot socks, but I prefer the non binding socks the most.

  167. golden storm says:

    i have never purchased them before,i love the cushion sole socks

  168. Never tried McGregor sock but they sure llok nice especially these!

  169. like the Weekender collection

  170. Elizabeth Robinson says:

    I have never tried them. I like the Happy Foot.

  171. Lisa Bolduc says:

    I have not. I like how they gave elastic free legs and I like the weekend collection

  172. Darci Paice says:

    I love the variety and think it is great to have no elastic top!

  173. I have, and the original happy foot are probably the most comfortable socks ever made.

  174. Kelly Baker says:

    I have never purchased or worn McGregor socks, but the “cushion sole” sounds comfy.

  175. My husband has worn McGregors for years and after looking at their website, I’d like to try the Happy Foot socks as they are non-binding and I am diabetic and find many other brands do bind and reduce my circulation.

  176. Happy feet in McGregor Socks.

  177. Julie-Lynne McCann says:

    No we have never bought McGregor Socks before … but my husband wishing for some!

  178. I like the cozy weekender socks ! Ive never bought online

  179. I have purchased McGregor socks before….love their Weekender socks!

  180. I’m not sure if I’ve ever purchased McGregor socks before. I don’t pay much attention to the brands of clothing I buy.

  181. I love McGregor Socks !

  182. I have not purchased McGregor socks before. I do however get a new pair every Christmas.

  183. I like the non-elastic cuff and that they are sold online!

  184. Jennifer L. says:

    I’ve never bought McGregor socks before. I like their Happy Foot line of socks.

  185. It’s been awhile since I’ve bought a pair of McGregor socks – but I love the new patterns!

  186. Lorie Bender says:


  187. I have never bought apair of McGregor socks yet. I love the vast selection of styles and designs!

  188. I’ve never bought a pair, nor worn any. They sound cozy! I love the Weekender series. Lovely.

  189. I have not purchase McGregor Socks before. They look comfy and there are a lot of styles to choose from.

  190. I have purchased McGregor socks before. I love their fun designs and that they don’t have elastic in the leg. Much more comfy that way.

  191. I have never purchased their socks! I would love anything from their website!

  192. Belinda McNabb says:

    I have purchased their product and would also love the Kiss Me Crew Socks

  193. I have, I love the quality and the designs

  194. I’ve looked these in the Bay but never bought them (yet!) I love that they have a cushioned sole, so important in good socks!

  195. McGregor socks are the best!! The only kind I buy for the men in my family!!

  196. I always look for McGregor socks. When I hit their site the first pair I saw was a McGregor dress sock with camping logos! 😀 I love them.
    InezbyDesign recently posted..Magic Canvas Colorful Surprise Giveaway!My Profile

  197. Not previously, no but I’d love to try them after browsing here. Maybe a pair of brand name socks for my husband like Tommy Hilfiger. Thanks for the recommendation.

  198. No I have not bought them but going to their website I like the designs and they seems to be great quality. Found out they are available on Amazon.

  199. Linda Fast says:

    I have never worn McGregor socks but I purchase the Calvin Klein socks for my son. I like to purchase the Calvin Klein socks because it makes my so happy. I always buy my brother socks for Christmas, he is not fussy about the colour or pattern but he does insist that they are McGregor socks. McGregor makes Christmas shopping easy!

  200. No, but I love their bright colours & designs.

  201. I love these socks. Sooooo comfortable.

  202. I love my stocking..My stocking love me. Oh how happy I would love to win thee!

  203. crystal porter says:

    I haven’t yet but I love the Happy foot socks

  204. Sabrina T says:

    I do own 6 pairs of McGregor socks and LOVE them. I have over 100 pairs of socks and those 6 are the ones I wear all the time. Perfect socks!

  205. I have never purchased socks from this place. I didn’t even know about them!

  206. JoAnne Welton says:

    Love your quality & creative patterns

  207. coo Christmas socks..I would share with my adult chrildren

  208. Deanna Carney says:

    I have not yet, but my husband loves different coloured socks and I’m probably going get hime some of the weekenders for him.

  209. No I haven’t. Their socks look amazing.

  210. No I never bought from them, however I really like their great selection! Thanks

  211. Caroline Lozinski says:

    I used to buy these for my dad all the time before he passed away . He loved them !

  212. I love how they have many different socks for everyone, fancy ones, stylish ones, regular socks, just the variety is amazing

  213. Shirley E says:

    I love their Happy Foot line. The Christmas designs look hilarious!

  214. First time I’ve heard of McGregor Socks! I like the fact that they have cushioned soles.

  215. Jenn Beckett jennpup says:

    Never ordered before but have coveted them for awhile now! I love their fun patterns – like their ‘ugly sweater’ socks!

  216. Hannah Ives says:

    I’ve never heard of MacGregor socks before but they sound amazing. 🙂 Canadian made is always the best.

  217. Meredith M says:

    yes, we love happy socks in our family!

  218. Christina Hoppe says:

    Nice, fingers crossed

  219. I’ve never bought them but the CUSHION SOLE look good for me

  220. Love the Original Happy Foot socks

  221. Love the Original Happy Foot socks

  222. I love the holiday themed socks!

  223. KittyPride says:

    Always but their socks. Very comfortable.

  224. Carole Suzanne Dunsford says:

    I love the non binding way they stay up instead of the constricting elastic that shuts down circulation.. The Weekender ones look so comfy and warm

  225. we all need socks

  226. Christine Lyttle says:

    I would love to win!

  227. Mildred Rupert says:

    I love the Christmas Socks and it been years since I had a good pair of McGregor Socks. It would be nice to win these.

  228. Sarah bruens says:

    Nice. We always need socks!!!!

  229. Anita Farnsworth says:

    What awesome gifts these would be!

  230. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    No I haven’t. They are really cool> I like the happy socks.

  231. Carol Barrette says:

    I would love to try these Christmas Themed socks.. they are soooo cute!!

  232. I love the fact that they are a Canadian company.

  233. I like the Weekender collection

  234. I’ve never purchased McGregor socks before. I really like the cushioned sole socks a lot!

  235. barb bombardir says:

    I love to buy Canadian. Such a wonderful history!

  236. I’ve bought several pairs!

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