Condo Vacation In Playa del Carmen

Larry and I have been promising ourselves we’d go vacationing for two weeks. Somehow, that never happens. Something always comes up. Whether it’s financial restrictions or other commitments or simply not being able to get that much time off, we’ve never done it.

I'm in Mexico

Back in July, I decided to change that. I went ahead and booked a flight for two weeks. The prices were down, and I was determined to pull it off this year. Since I had absolutely no idea where we would be staying, Larry and I began an Airbnb search. Over many, many weeks, we must of viewed a hundred or more places. Some on the beach, some a short walk away. All of them looked great. The choice was hard. However, we finally chose one. On November 4th, we flew to Cancun and took the bus from the airport to Playa del Carmen. We were actually going vacationing for two weeks at once!!

The beach in Playa del Carmen

Since the snow and cold temperatures began the day after Halloween, I was definitely thrilled with our timing. Gorgeous 29 degree weather was waiting for us. I was born for hot weather and sunshine. Stepping off the plane, I swear I could smell the ocean. Most likely not, but since I’ve been a time or two, my brain must of been conjuring up past visits.

In case you aren’t following me on instagram, which you should be, I thought I’d shared some photos from my two weeks of heaven. (I shared some on instagram while I was there). We shopped for groceries, and had breakfast, as well as lunch most days, at the condo. Dinners were eaten out each night. However, if we’d had a bbq, I would of cooked a couple of nights a week.

It was like a treasure hunt, walking through the districts, searching for a great place to dine. We had a few misses, but mostly amazing hits. Of course, our best meals were found off of the main fifth avenue. Don’t be afraid to wander, you’re very safe, and you don’t want to miss out on delicious treats.

restaurant Rey David in Playa del Carmen

For example, this particul restaurant on 10th Ave., has the most wonderful lasagna. It doesn’t look like much when you approach it, but for 220 pesos, two people get a beer and a huge portion of fresh lasagna with home made bread. That’s about $15 Canadian. (oops, I was already eating it when I thought to take a picture).

Lasagna at Rey David

Also on 10th, is the Wings Factory. Drink specials each and every day, along with the crispiest fries (69 pesos) and awesome onion rings (69 pesos). Approximately $5. Further down 10th ave, around 20th street, you’ll find a great deal on pizza. For 200 pesos, you receive a 12 inch pepperoni pizza and two beers. Totally reminded me of pizza I used to enjoy at a joint called Pizza Place in Winnipeg.

Bella Italia Pepperoni pizza in playa del carmen

While you’re out and about looking for great meal deals, you also need to walk to the end of fifth avenue and visit Park Fundadores. There is an amazing taco joint right by the beach. Tiny, tiny place, more like a taco stand! Must try!! The walk from where we stayed was about 20 minutes. Really not bad and lots of stuff to look at along the way. On the way back, take the walk down the beach instead of fith avenue. It’s shorter, you can paddle in the water, check out beach restaurants and even condos/hotels that you may want to stay in next time.

In front of Park Fundadores, playa del carmen

Most of all, take the time to soak up the sunshine. The beaches are gorgeous, the weather is hot, and you can relax like you never have before.

just chillin on the beach

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