Sexual Harassment – Women And Men Finally Speak Up

Sexual Harassment

sign that says sexual harassment is not ok

Part of me is happy. It’s that part where I’m proud of women and men for coming forward. For speaking out against those who abuse their position of power. Men and women of all walks of life, that have finally had enough. Those who want to take a stand and protect those behind them.

However, part of me is sad. It’s that part of me that wanted to believe that the “casting couch” wasn’t the norm. Yet, each and every day, more is revealed. People in the every day sector. Powerful business people, politicians, directors, producers, agents, and the list goes on.

Is it really true, that the advancement of career still depends on what you’ll do, rather than what you can accomplish? Never mind advancement. How about just keeping a job? About getting the job you are trained to do? Has mankind taken such a giant step backwards? Or perhaps, it never went forward in the first place?

It’s not that I’m nieve. Sexual harassment will never disappear completely. Neither will corruption of any nature. Yet, somehow, I wished we had become more respectful.

I’m not sure how someone can blame alcohol. I don’t know how you can say it was a joke, or an act of coming out the closet. Or fear of coming out. How can you say, “I asked first”, when you know that someone is afraid to say no? Is it ok to pinch your co-workers butt?

Once the snowball was started, its track downhill has been quick. Will it make a difference? Frankly, I’m not sure. In fact, I’m a little pessimistic. We tend, as a society overall, to raise hell, then walk away. Protests are common place, but rarely do they dramatically change anything. Sadly, I believe that few will be punished. Few will suffer as those who have been affected by the abuse. Can we continue to allow this? How do we change?

Give me your thoughts, your feedback.


  1. Chandra O’Connor says:

    They are really stepping up. I agree I don’t know how they think showing their penis or worse is logic to them.