Three Luxuries I Can’t Give Up

As many of you know, I was born into a fairly large family. Not only did I have four sisters, I had numerous foster sisters. Our home was small, with only one bathroom. It was definitely double up time. 

Treats were far and few between. I shared a bike with two of my sisters. However, mom did the best she could, and we had enough to eat, a roof over our head and clean clothes to wear. Occasionally, we’d go out for a drive and maybe stop for lunch.

Traveling was not an option and neither was camping. Even so, I didn’t miss it because I didn’t really know what it was.

Today though, it’s a different story. There are certain luxuries I simply can’t give up, now that I understand what it’s all about. I have no problems skimping on certain things to enable me have those luxuries.

So here are my top three luxuries you won’t find me abandoning.

countertop with fresh fruit

Fresh Fruit 

Now, this may seem like a strange one to you. In my childhood, fresh fruit was handed out sparingly. It was mainly apples, oranges and bananas. Sometimes mom would get a deal on a box of peaches or plums, but that was pretty rare. Due to the number of us, one piece of each fruit was allowed. Fortunately, I’ve come to discover all the amazing fruits available. No matter the cost, you’ll find a bowl full on the counter and berries in the fridge.

beach on Isla Mujeres


As I’ve already mentioned, travel was not something our family did. My first travel experience was when I was in grade 11. Luckily, I was working by then, and our school had a bus trip to New Mexico. It was an amazing time for me. That was when I knew that travel had to be in my future. 

Still, I didn’t start traveling until my children hit their teens. My husband began his job in his current position, and his boss would sometimes give him a vacation instead of a monetary bonus. It was wonderful because we went to places we just couldn’t afford on own.

As time passed, we began traveling even more. Somehow, I will always find a way to see other parts of the world.

red high heeled shoes for Canada Day

Purses And Shoes 

In reality, you don’t really need more than two or three of either of these. Indulging here is truly a luxury. Since my children have moved out though, I started indulging. I gladly gave up a lot for them and wouldn’t hesitate to again. 

I adore having purses and shoes to suit how I’m feeling or where I’m going. It also helps having heels when you’re five foot two. Plus, they simply make me feel good.

I’m interested to know what you consider luxuries and won’t give up. Perhaps it’s a fancy car, giant tv or weekly dinners out? Whichever, we’re all only human.


  1. Sab Edwards says:

    Yeah although my family was very well off when I was young, fresh fruit wasn’t really a thing in my house and most stuff was canned (As I got older my mother expected me to feed myself) Now I wouldnt touch a can of soup if my life depended on it (sorry Campbells, I’m one of the reasons you had to move to a country that has no min wage). We never took vacations either.. my parents were self employed so that meant working 7days a week. (my dad worked himself to death, died before the age of 65, my moms so tie she squeaks )

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