Isla Mujeres – A Visit To The Island

A few weeks ago, Larry and I visited Isla Mujeres. Although we’ve vacationed in Mexico many times, we never stayed on the island. Last year, however, we made a quick trip over to scout it out and loved it. So, our last vacation took place there, and no regrets. What a fantastic little island! Only 5 miles long approximately, and it’s width is an easy walk across.

North Beach Isla Mujeres

North Beach

We stayed near North beach and visited a number of local restaurants off the strip. One of the friendliest restaurants, including great food, was called North Garden. Amazing fresh bagels and super atmosphere. We also enjoyed a tiny, 7 table restaurant, called El Poc Chuc. A local place run by husband and wife. Wonderful prices, delicious food.

Enjoy the photos below of the beach, the food and the views. If you’ve ever been there, I’d love to hear your favourite places to eat and play. We’ll definitely be making another trip across to Isla Mujeres.

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