Shaking Out A New “Doo” With Wigs #Blackhairspray #beauty #ad

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all views and opions are my own. My hair can drive me crazy! I've grown it long or cut it short. Sometimes I colour it, create bangs or brush to the side. Frankly, I'm never quite happy with how it looks. I'll check through magazines to see what kind … [Read more...]

Let’s Chat About Home Organization With @Tidy_Living

Are you dedicated to home organization? I've tried many times to become more organized. In fact, I spent an entire year tidying up my basement, one week at a time, one item at a time. That worked great, for awhile. Over time, my basement has reverted back to being upside down. I need to get more … [Read more...]

Quality Jewelry That Won’t Break The Bank @WeLovePearls #Review #Giveaway CAN/US

In April, Larry and I will have been married for 35 years. We got married at the tender age of 20. Back then, marrying young, was not uncommon. The only pieces of quality jewelry I had, were my wedding rings. I didn't grow up with a lot of money, but I did grow up liking quality. I'd rather go with … [Read more...]

Listen Up! @Caseco_Inc Is Music To My Ears #Review #Giveaway

  There's nothing better than lying on your deck with your eyes closed, listening to music and soaking up some rays. That is, unless you're on a beach doing the same thing! Music is universal and enjoyed by the masses. It can motivate you during your workout or soothe you after an argument. Our … [Read more...]

Flex Appeal 2.0 From @Skechers_Canada #Review #Giveaway #Canada

Ten days ago, I began the 21 day fix. It's an exercise and nutritional program. I'm not doing the nutritional part, just the exercise. It is hard! No joke. I tried bare feet, socks and ballerina type slippers. Bare feet is ok, don't do the socks or slippers routine. What was I thinking? Who knows. … [Read more...]

Great Things Come In Small Packages @Caseco_inc #Giveaway #Review

Growing up, I was always a fair bit smaller than the other girls in my class. I'm also the shortest one in my family. My mom always told me "never mind love, the best things come in small packages ". I've always found this to be true and today I want to share with you another small … [Read more...]

Wear Time With Beauty @woodwatches_com #Giveaway CAN/US

Time is extremely important to us. We never seem to have enough of it. Todays world has us running, planning, organizing, just to fit our day into a 24 hour period. Checking the time is a constant. Our phones even tell us the time. One thing I've noticed though, people aren't wearing time like … [Read more...]

Your Legs Will Be The Star This Season With Silks @silkshosiery #HolidayCollection #CountdownToChristmas

Last week, I shared The Gentlemens Club collection from Silks. As promised, I now get to share their new Holiday collection. It's a beautiful sampling of sleek, delicate leg wear. They even come in control top; just in case you do some holiday sampling of your own. Mmmmm Christmas baking! The … [Read more...]

MicroPedi Joins Countdown To Christmas Welcomes @MICROPedi_CA #Giveaway

Every day we walk, run, stand and more. Does it ever occur to you that your feet are allowing these daily activities? Our feet take on our entire body weight. Yet, a good many of us , spend more time on our hair each day than we do on our feet in a week. Think about that for a minute. Not only … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcomes Pearl Paradise @welovepearls #giveaway

We all have hectic lives. With the ever advancing technology, it continues to get busier. I'm just as bad as the next person for trying to get so much done in a single day. However, I've also learned the benefits of taking a break. Taking some time to slow down and appreciate the people and … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcomes Hendrix Equipment @HendrixEquip #Giveaway

As someone who does a lot of cooking, I know the importance of having good equipment. If your accessories and pans are not good quality, food can over cook, under cook, burn, stick and all sorts of things. It can be extremely frustrating. Plus, it can be expensive to have to throw food away. It … [Read more...]

I’m All About The Shoes, ‘Bout The Shoes, ‘Bout The Shoes @yengoshoes #review #giveaway

New Shoes! Come on peeps, you know what I'm talking about. There's only one thing I like better than buying a new pair of shoes and that's shopping for the right pair of shoes. Browsing, if you will. I can take hours if not weeks to find just the right pair. Maybe I'm just treating myself or maybe I … [Read more...]