Seafood Dinner @TangoBistro #NotSpon #yyc #yyceats

Listen up, if you live in Calgary and love seafood, you just got lucky. Right now, you can get a lobster dinner for $25 per person at Tango Bistro. If you’re visiting Calgary, you simply have to stop in and have a bite. They are located on MacLeod Trail, next door to Smugglers. It’s a meal … [Read more...]

Garth Brooks Wraps Up My Summer

In case you didn't know, Garth Brooks played 7 fabulous concerts here in Calgary last week. Larry and I both had him on our bucket list of "must see" concerts. Originally, he scheduled one show. However, as Garth Brooks is known to do, he kept scheduling shows as each one sold … [Read more...]

Summertime Fun – My Adventures 2017 Part 1

You may of noticed a lack of posts this summer. That's because summertime is meant to be outdoor time. Sunshine, family, friends and fun. So far, I've been having an amazing bunch of summertime fun.   We've played games like Jenga, checkers and go fish with family. Of course, that was … [Read more...]

Best Thai Food In Calgary @JackiesThai #spon

For the most part, my life has literally been meat and potatoes. It's only been a dozen years since I started eating international cuisine. Those experiences came from travel, spilling over into every day eating. For example, my fish dishes were limited to fish and chips. I'd never eaten sea bass, … [Read more...]

Starbelly Unveils A New Direction #yyc #restaurant #Giveaway

Back in November, I visited a new restaurant, Starbelly. Well, new to me, at least. It's not too far from home actually. A quick, 20 minute drive to Seton. Now, I've been to Seton many times, but didn't even realize that Starbelly was simply waiting for me. I have to admit, I tend to stick with … [Read more...]

Outdoor Play – An Essential Part Of Growing Up #YMCACalgary #YMCAChildCare

Life today revolves around technology. Even our children are exposed to gadgets before they get to enjoy outdoor play. It's understandable in a way. We want to give our children the best start in life and that seems to focus on our ever changing world of online living. However, in my opinion, … [Read more...]

Summer Lovin’ – How’s Yours Been So Far?

You may of noticed that I've been noticeably absent since summer began. It's been my intention to stay away from the blog as much as possible. I want this summer to be about family, friends, sunshine and relaxation. Summer is a time to regroup. For the most part, it's been going well. The summer … [Read more...]

Meatloaf Was Painful – Save Your Money

Have you ever experienced something so painful that you just needed it to be over? I did, this past long weekend and it was sad. Very, very sad. Let me say, I love Meatloaf. I love the music. I grew up relating to the songs as many of us do. However, you can't go back. This was never so obvious … [Read more...]

Your Favourite Coffee Spot Just Got ReImagined @secondcup #SecondcupReimagined

Not too long ago, I got invited to the future. I went prepared to be unimpressed. Surprised? You shouldn't be. I like to see things for myself and I don't automatically believe someone who says it's new! It's reimagined. Okay, I was being invited to the opening of Second Cup Coffee Co.TM, first-ever … [Read more...]

Edo Japan Opens A New Location In Calgary! #Giveaway

As many of you know, I love to cook! I simply enjoy food. Good food! That's not to say I don't enjoy treating myself to great restaurant food. Of course I do! One of favourite places is Edo Japan. I'm not even going to try and count how many times I've been. It's delicious, heealthy and quick. I do … [Read more...]

Warm, Sunny April Days! A Longer Summer On The Horizon?

  I recently returned from four luxurious, April days in Palm Springs. A home located in Indio, CA on the lakefront. It had a beautiful infinity pool and hot tub. Had to be the most relaxed I've been in months. A mere one week later, I find myself lounging in the sun in Calgary. It's … [Read more...]

Broadcasting Live With Periscope @CanadianBeef Mexican Tapas #CDNBeefExperience

Did you attend the Canadian Beef Twitter party on Wednesday, March 9th? It was my first time live on Periscope which was kinda cool. Canadian Beef has been using Periscope now for more than 6 months. Their parties are always fun and informative but I was thrilled to be part of this wonderful … [Read more...]