Christmas Magic With #Kellogg’s #TreatsForToys #Giveaway

Another year has passed, and once again we’re approaching the Christmas season. A holiday I love. There’s so much joy at this time of year. Families getting together for meals, shopping, the decorations and the anticipation of Santas visit. However, it’s not a wonderful time for many. Sadly, the … [Read more...]

Edo A Little, Help A Lot – A Delicious Way To Give Back! @edo_japan #giveaway #DoubleUpDay

The Edo a little, help a lot campaign, is one of the reasons I love this company so much. Everyone knows that Edo is a favourite "fast food" place of mine. You can count on the quality of the food, each and every time. It's ready in a flash and amazingly delicious. The price is also right! I guess … [Read more...]

Toy Shaped Rice Krispie Treats Come Alive With #TreatsForToys #Giveaway

I'm super happy to be participating once again, in the fourth annual Treats For Toys program from Kellogg's. It's a very special event, that will create a magical Christmas for many, many children. Kellogg's has partnered with The Salvation Army to bring children across Canada, a bright and … [Read more...]

The Fabulous Treats For Toys Program From #Kellogg’s Is Back #Giveaway

Last year, I participated in this amazing program, TreatsForToys, with a friend and her two girls who had a blast! It was time together that was fun, delicious and gave back to those less fortunate than we are. A win win that's so simple to do. They did a great job and were so proud of their … [Read more...]

Help Promote Our Beauty Gala #SDMBeautyGala Event

On November 3rd, I will be part of a wonderful Twitter Party to help spread the news about the Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Beauty Gala. This beauty gala will take place on November 7th at stores in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. These fantastic … [Read more...]

Catelli Pasta Boost Cookbook – Download Free And Support Canadian Food Banks

Summer is a very slow time for the food banks and unfortunately, many Canadians depend on them. In fact, nearly 850,000 Canadians depend on them each month. Catelli Foods Corporation wants you to know this and has launched a new cookbook called Catelli® Pasta Boost: Energy-infused pasta … [Read more...]

Fun Childrens Activity Results In Toys For Needy Kids #TreatsforToys #Kellogg’s #RiceKrispies

Kellogg's not only makes fun and nutritional foods for kids, their products can be turned into fun treats and fun activities. Rice Krispies is one of those products that's been around for years. We all know the delicious Rice Krispie treats made with marshmellows! This year, Kellogg's is … [Read more...]

Yes, Children Go Hungry In Canada #Kellogg’s #BreakfastClubs

It's hard to concentrate and learn when you're hungry. That's a fact! Another fact is that 1 in 7, yes, 1 in 7 Canadian children will attend school without breakfast this year. That's a truly sad fact for such a great country. Kellogg's is well aware of this tragedy and has been supporting … [Read more...]

Twilight Turtle Tunes From @cloud_b For A Soothing Nights Sleep

The ability to soothe your childs fears has come a long way. When I was raising my children, we had basic night lights that plugged into the wall. No accessories! These night lights certainly didn't produce soothing sounds or engage my children in any way shape or form. Not so anymore. If you … [Read more...]

Operation Smile And Campus Book Rentals – A Win-Win

Summers here but there's no rest for the wicked or students for that matter. There's always prep for the next year. For college and university students, the hunt begins again for affordable books. Tuition just keeps going up and departments just keep cutting costs. I've talked to you before … [Read more...]

How To Bring The Cost Of A Good Education Down With #CampusBookRentals

Receiving a good education gets more expensive every single year. Costs never go down and the burden usually lies upon students to meet those costs. Many parents do what they can but you have to find ways to spend less and get more. That's certainly not easy but can be done with Campus Book … [Read more...]

Ack!!! I Bowled With #MayorNaheedNenshi #YYC @kidsportcalgary

....okay, not really...but he was there and I had my picture taken with him...see Yes, that's me. The crazy eyed, psycho lady. I was soooo excited!! Hang onto your hats because all the pictures you are about to see simply scream "OMG! I'm having my picture taken with _________"(fill in the … [Read more...]