Boots For Snow, Boots For Show Make Them @Skechers_Canada #Giveaway #XmasCountdown2017

In the past, boots were mainly worn during winter. Large, clunky, warm boots, needed to protect your feet from harsh, Canadian winters. However, fashion changes nearly yearly. Some ideas hang around, some are stricken from the closet, hopefully to never return. One idea that was created, and … [Read more...]

Walking Mexico With @Skechers_Canada #Giveaway #XmasCountdown2017

The day before swapping cold temperatures for warm ones, I received a couple of packages from Skechers. One was for me, but the other one was for Larry. It was a package of perfect timing. Looked like Larry would be walking Mexico in a new pair of Skechers. To say he was thrilled, is an … [Read more...]

Jeans – Wear Them Whenever You Want #giveaway #XmasCountdown2017 @LolaJeansdotca

I’m a jeans kind of gal. Sure, I love dressing up, once in awhile. Mostly though, it’s jeans for me. They’re comfy and wear well. Plus, you can dress them up, or stay casual. I remember when I first entered the work force. There was no such thing as casual Fridays. Going to work meant dress … [Read more...]

Online Christmas Shopping Is Easy With @LolaJeansdotca #CountdownToChristmas #Giveaway

When my girls were young, I always seemed to know just what would go over great at Christmas. Once they hit the pre-teen and beyond stage, it was usually hit and miss. Sometimes, I was pretty smug, thinking an overheard conversation was going to make me mom of the year. Nine times out of ten, by the … [Read more...]

Keep Your Style With #Always #AI #LBL

My closet contains a wide array of clothes. It has everything from totally casual style to black tie events. I admit, the majority are casual clothes. I have the luxury of working from home, so I can wear what I like during the week. However, for those evenings out, I do like to get dressed up. It … [Read more...]

My Dresser Drawers: Getting Organized In 2016 #T-Shirt #Swimwear

This year is all about living day by day. Setting small goals that I can accomplish. I don't want to disappoint myself but I don't want to set the bar too high either. I believe that I'll accomplish more if I take smaller steps. So this year, my first step is to get organized. A little bit at a … [Read more...]

Your Legs Will Be The Star This Season With Silks @silkshosiery #HolidayCollection #CountdownToChristmas

Last week, I shared The Gentlemens Club collection from Silks. As promised, I now get to share their new Holiday collection. It's a beautiful sampling of sleek, delicate leg wear. They even come in control top; just in case you do some holiday sampling of your own. Mmmmm Christmas baking! The … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcome @LolaJeansdotca #Giveaway Pull On Jeans

Back in the 80's, I was pregnant with my two girls. There weren't a lot of maternity clothes to be had. Just the basics. One of those staples was jeans. They had a stretchy front and pulled on. Frankly, they weren't that flattering. The term that comes to mind is "farmers pants". No offence to any … [Read more...]

Dressing Green With @ACSimplicity Know Your Clothes #Giveaway

Being green is not easy. Most of us want to do our part for the eco-systems of the world. How to do that means making changes. I admit, I'm not the greenest person on the planet but I do what I can and what I know. For instance, I have updated appliances, I have eco-friendly lighting, I recycle, … [Read more...]

Fit, Fashionable And Chic In My New Jeans From @lolajeansdotca #Giveaway #LolaJeans

Last week was Stampede time here in Calgary. That means cowboy hats and a great pair of jeans! My wardrobe has a great selection of jeans but I may of just found an easier way to get them! I have to say, I'm pretty picky about my jeans. They are an important part of my everyday look. However, … [Read more...]

Childrens Accessories From Brookz #Canadian #Giveaway

My children are grown and my granddaughter is seven, although, fingers crossed another one may come my way. That doesn't stop me from looking at kids clothes and accessories. So many cute things to choose from. I was contacted by a company called Brookz that makes awesome little accessories … [Read more...]

Shake Off The Winter Blues And Feel Great With @silkshosiery #Review #Giveaway

Winter is finally coming to an end, I think. I don't know about you but I've had enough. The ups and downs, grey skies, cold temperatures and snow. Lots of snow! Out east, you guys got hammered! Blech! I'd rather be on the beach. You guys know that's true. I hate the tons of clothes, layers and … [Read more...]